A Belfast digital media company plans to take on more than 20 new staff after securing a partnership with a US content creation studio headed by a Hollywood director.

Navada Studios said the new transatlantic partnership with LA-based Rebel of America – founded by Rock Jacobs – will disrupt the entertainment industry with new digital formats, multichannel approaches and immersive and interactive content experiences for digital-savvy audiences.

The two companies – both of which appeared at this year’s Digital DNA event in Belfast – have together launched a new multi-channel network which will see the creation of 50 new digital media channels covering every market vertical from sport and fitness to innovation, environment, adventure, economics and education, creative, fashion and technology and many more.

Using Navada’s short-form content expertise and digital marketing and distribution power matched with Rebel of America’s top-level production values and immersive and interactive skills creates a unique opportunity to offer brands and broadcasters and film studios new ways to grow, engage and empower digital-hungry audiences. Founder of Navada Studios Matthew Scott said the new roles will help the firm meet its ambitious growth plans.

“This is a really exciting deal for us. Rebel of America is the most respected content creation studio in the world and their involvement is a testament to the respect we’ve built up in the industry. We’ve been in development mode for a few years and have worked hard to build up multi-million audiences for our clients. The next few years are going to see the business grow, not just in Northern Ireland but around the world.”

The new roles will be focused in the fields of creative, technical and production.

Founded by the Bangor native, the Navada Studios now has UK offices in Belfast, London, and Newcastle Upon Tyne and are expanding into Sweden and both East and West coasts of the USA.

He has spent the last four years working with brands, broadcasters and film producers to create new digital formats, new ways to build multi-million audiences and new content technology.

Matthew said the two companies have found a perfect fit for each other, not only playing to the transatlantic market opportunities but, more importantly, matching the skill sets which fill gaps and aggregate what is possible for the partnership.

Meanwhile, Navada Studios has also partnered with London studio Celebro Media chaired by former BBC broadcaster Maxine Mawhinney who originally hails from Belfast.

They’ll be partnering to balance great production values with new digital content formats and audience engagement across shared media projects.



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