By @TheMarkDalton.

MyTherapy is Germany’s leading app for people to manage their medication and is described on the website as “med reminders meet health journal.” The app is now being taken to an international level as health services are integrating stronger than ever with smartphones and smartwatches. 

MyTherapy combines medication reminders and health tracking. The app will reliably remind you to take your meds, get active and track your vitals.

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MyTherapy translates your therapy into a simple to-do list. All you need to do is follow the list and check off tasks as you complete them. At the same time, MyTherapy’s built-in health journal summarises your medication intake and other health related information.

Some of the features outlined are as follows:

  • Medication reminder (for all patients, all diseases, all meds)
  • Summary of blood pressure, blood sugar and more
  • Tracking wellbeing and symptoms
  • Monthly health report
  • Free of charge on Google Play Store and on App Store
  • Positive effect on medication adherence
  • No registration needed
  • Data protection: “We don’t hand on individual-based information to third parties”

MyTherapy is also a platform for doctors to utilise and gain value from. The app enables doctors to support patients during their therapy and treatment programmes. Patients can also recommend doctors from within the app, this means that doctors could potentially see a rise in new patient numbers through word of mouth marketing.

MyTherapy is a free app to download from Google Play or on the App Store. You can check out their website for further in depth information here.

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