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Interview with Zack Reich, Cofounder of MyLeisure , @MyLeisure_App a new app launched in Ireland.


Where are you based? 

We’re based in the Start Up Nation, Israel. We work close to Tel Aviv, out of Rishon Startup.

What’s your own background?

My background is in advertising/marketing and my Co-founders come from an Economics/Business background. We have a great team with experience in App Development and Media.

What niche is your app filling?

Our app is here to help people maximize their free time and find the best possible entertainment for their specific taste. With so many content channels and options available, we know a lot of people feel like their free time is being wasted. We are here to help them enjoy their valuable leisure time to the fullest.

Why / what does it do better than others on the market?

Unlike other products, which focus on a specific genre/topic, we offer lots of  different options (movies, music, TV shows, books, games, apps etc.) and in doing so, we provide one, ultimate platform for people to find the best, most personally relevant activities for their free time.

To make sure we provide great recommendations, we offer suggestions from friends (via Facebook connect) and utilize a sophisticated algorithm that constantly learns more about the user and gets to know their taste better and better.

Last but not least, the app provides more than suggestions, it also offers the means for users to find and get what they want, when they want via their favorite platforms (such as YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, etc). We don’t only offer suggestions, we also offer a real solution.

Why did you develop in iOS first? Better revenue streams, any other reasons?

Ultimately, our goal is that My Leisure is will be an all-inclusive platform- a one-stop-shop for all leisure/free time related activities and recommendations. We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day ,so right now we are taking the process step by step. We’ve decided to begin with the iOS first and then once we see all is working from here, we’ll develop for all mediums including Android, Web, Space TV.

How are you encouraging user adoption?

We’re connecting directly with audience in order to learn their needs. Rather than advertising, we use lots of different, direct channels to connect to prospective users because we want to remain close to them and absorb their feedback right away.

Before we began building the app, we did a survey and came to understand that people encounter lots of problems when it comes to finding what they like in their spare time. We understand that if we give them solution, they will want to ‘adopt’ us. We aim to cater to the user’s need to fully enjoy and find satisfaction in their free time, in a way not done before.

How was 2014?

An exciting period of development. Building and developing the app took us about 5 months and now we are starting our journey into the market.

Goals for 2015?

To reach as many countries as we can and of course, to give each individual from every country the best results and items. We’re working on this goal and we promise that by the end of 2015 everyone will be discovering the absolute BEST recommendations for their free time and maximizing their leisure

What’s your interest in the Irish market? It’s a small one relative to other European ones? Are you looking to target a smaller English speaking country first to iterate and get useful feedback on the product? Interesting to see an Israeli start up targeting Ireland.

The answers you suggested for that are quite correct! I’ll just add Irish users are known as great technology and entertainment early adopters. Although it is quite small market, it combines the types of other country users. Irish users taste reflects the world users tastes.

We saw many Israeli startups at the Web Summit, with a lot of interesting products. It something you will attend?

We plan to be there! It’s surely one of the important events in the Hi-tech ecosystem.

Israel is mentioned as a great example of a small outward facing country doing really well in tech startups. How would you describe the startup atmosphere?

Well, great question, actually we are operating from Rishon Lezion Incubator (10km southern from Tel Aviv) which contain tens of tech teams willing to achieve their goals and dreams. The main advantage in the Israeli startup atmosphere is that each team is willing to sacrifice huge portion of its life to achieve his success.

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