Words by @tecdr pictures by @infomatique

Since I heard that the Web Summit was moving to Lisbon, I was looking forward to the last Web Summit to be held in Ireland for the foreseeable future, and there was the usual highs and lows which you can expect at any major conference. What made it a good conference was the caliber of the speakers and talks as well the large amount of companies and startups who were exhibiting. What made it a bad conference was that it was not as good as last years Web Summit which I think was the best one yet and there was some problems including the annual Wi-Fi issues, big queues for the smaller talks and complaints about the Food Summit.

The photographer William Murphy also known as infomatique was at the Web Summit capturing what he enjoyed at the summit.  Some of his best photos can be seen below.
F-Secure Shebeen-min Web Summit Alpha Web Summit Bill Clay Ford Jr Web Summit Centre Stage2-min Web Summit Centre Stage-min Web Summit Code Summit-min Web Summit CoderDojo Web Summit Ford Mobility Stand Web Summit Gigabot 3D Printer Web Summit Google-min Web Summit Liam Cunningham Web Summit Machine Summit Web Summit Michael Dell Web Summit Movember Web Summit Pitch and more-min Web Summit Pitch Stage-min Web Summit RTE Web Summit Standout Stand Web Summit Tec Dr F-Secure Web Summit Twillio Web Summit WP Engine




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