The My O2 App for Android has been a long time in the making. The iOS version of this has been available for some time now so when news arrived last week that the App had become available it was met with a response of “about time” by many! With the long wait big things were expected so after using it for the last few days here’s what we think.



The App is set out in the following manner

  • A “My Account” Tab which gives you an over view of your accounts with O2 with the possibility to add or remove accounts as necessary
  • A “My O2” Tab which gives you a menu choice of “Remaining Units”, “Current Bill”, “Pay Bill” & “Extra Services” each which expands to give you more detailed information or options once clicked.
  • A “Support” Tab which has links to the different places on the Web that O2 provide online support. This includes links to the O2 forum, Facebook and, but oddly omits their Twitter presence. The other links open a Browser within the App. This will be useful for some people but loose the functions that are available with a normal browser and really it’s only good for brief viewings.
  • A “More” Tab which opens up into “Account Settings” but then amazingly, the only option available after that is to toggle whether you will be prompted for a password when making purchases. There is no other details other than that so one can only assume this is when you are purchasing Apps or Music from O2.
In general most of the information you’ll want is provided by the App but there is some areas that could have a few more options.
So everyday use. Having used it for the last few days there are some issues with it that are disappointing though. Even connected to a fast Broadband connection the App seems to take that little too long to update. Every menu you click into throws up a timer icon. For the remaining units section this take around 10 seconds before it updates  and the timer icon is gone. There is no improvement between launching the App initially or returning to the App, it still takes about 10 seconds to update. This isn’t a lot of info that the App is processing so you’d have to believe the issue is with how it is communicating with the O2 server. If you compare it to the iOS App, the iOS App loads quicker on all fronts so I’d imagine this is something O2 can fix easily in the future with an update.
One thing though that is very poor is the quality of the graphics used. All the edges of the background boxes are pixelated. This is caused by the images used being of too low a resolution. While this is a little issue, it looks terrible and you’d expect better from a big company such as Telefonica.
All that said I’m sure anyone with an Android device on O2 will be just glad to actually have the App. With some updates all the small issues should be ironed out. Hopefully.



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