Muud.ioPerfect playlists for any mood. In an instant.

“Music app of the day” – MTV O Music Awards

Making great mixes shouldn’t be a chore. Whether you’re out-and-about, or relaxing at home, you want the right music and you want it now. automatically builds playlists to suit any mood, at the touch of a button.

Simply pick a mood, and will build a playlist for you, using the music that you love.

“Apple should preinstall on every iPhone/iPod Touch.” –

“I was much more impressed with how this app created playlists I liked, compared to Genius in iTunes.” –


– Community-recommended playlists, based on a mood of your choice.
– Automatic rating of song moods via the community.
– Manually rate song moods according to your own personal preference.
– Save and edit your favourite playlists to get them *just right*.
– Let your friends know what you’re listening to via Twitter and Facebook.


Get it here: - App Sandwich Limited


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