On the heels of a successful launch in the United States, Motif, the only native macOS extension for printed photo books, cards, and calendars, today announced an international expansion plan with a tiered rollout in Europe. As part of an aggressive growth strategy – and with the latest version of Motif optimized for macOS Mojave – the global rollout will allow customers in Europe to take advantage of Motif’s intuitive software to create customized printed books, cards, and calendars…just in time for the holiday season.

The onset of digital photography and storage has meant that we may no longer commit all of our photos to physical albums by default. Motif is a new consumer brand and software extension for Photos on macOS that allows users to create custom photo books, cards and calendars. These make for meaningful keepsakes and gifts that matter far more than sprawling archives of digital photos. In its physical products, Motif carries forward Apple’s commitment to delivering the finest quality printed photo products using sustainably sourced, durable, and environmentally friendly materials, and uses the same facilities, personnel, processes, presses for its photo projects.

Along with the European rollout, Motif’s latest version (1.6) is loaded with new features, including:

  • Fully optimized for macOS Mojave with native support for dark and light modes, systems accent, and highlight colors
  • Direct access to the updated Apple Photos image editor
  • Drag/Drop and Copy/Paste capability of images, albums, and memories into Motif
  • Enhanced system design with more precise grids and layouts
  • Fun and elegant new themes for major and everyday life events, including weddings, vacations, birthdays, kids, pets, and more

“What Motif has accomplished over the past few months is tremendous.” said Craig Bauer, Global Managing Director of Motif. “We officially launched the Motif brand, created a robust macOS Mojave native app extension with 25,000+ downloads, and our technology team is constantly improving Motif for seamless integration and print production all built into Apple Photos, the outlook over the next quarter is even more exciting, with Apple Photos project conversion development, product feature development, and additional international expansion.”

“We’re thrilled and excited to take Motif to the next level with features that will delight our new European customers,” Bauer Added. “We are happy new customers will be able to easily create and give the gift of ever-lasting photo memories for the holidays.”

To try out Motif, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Download Motif: Visit the App Store from your desktop. Search for “Motif Photo Books,” and then click “Download.”
  2. Open Photos: Launch the Apple Photos application. Motif runs inside Photos.
  3. Start Creating: In Photos, select an album or memory. Then from the “File” menu, choose “Create,” and then select “Motif.”

The latest version of Motif is available for free in the Mac App Store.

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