By @TheMarkDalton.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest network of professionals and has now announced the top most overused buzzwords on Irish LinkedIn profiles. Yes, in case you have not realised it yet LinkedIn is packed full of buzzwords, we are all using them.

January 21st is the most popular day globally for members updating their profiles and LinkedIn are providing tips and guidance on how you can stand out from the crowd.

LinkedIn analysed the profiles of Irish users and discovered that the top ten buzzwords were used are as follows.

  • motivated
  • enthusiastic
  • track record
  • passionate
  • creative
  • driven
  • extensive experience
  • leadership
  • ambitious
  • responsible

LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz said the following about our use of buzzwords in LinkedIn profiles.

“We wouldn’t describe ourselves as “motivated”, “driven” or “strategic” in real life, so why would anyone do that on a LinkedIn profile? We’re encouraging our Irish members to show off achievements by sharing samples of their work like presentations or photos from events to demonstrate how they are actually “passionate”, “successful” or “creative”, rather than use tired old buzzwords.”

LinkedIn is encouraging users now to banish buzzwords from their profiles and rejuvenate the content of their profiles. LinkedIn wants users to get creative so that their profiles are brought to life.

Here are some tips from LinkedIn for those looking to improve their profile in 2016.

  1. Stand out from the crowdYour summary is the first thing people look at after your profile picture. You may know you’re capable of demonstrating ‘leadership’ with a ‘great track record’ but too many buzzwords make it hard for your profile to stand out. Use examples of your experience, focus on how you’ve demonstrated leadership with specific examples and highlight those great results with real numbers.
  2. A picture’s worth a thousand words: Instead of saying you’re ‘creative’, why not show people by including presentations, design work and projects you take pride in? Remember, you’ve only got five to ten seconds to impress.
  3. Share views and news: So you have ‘extensive experience and great communication skills’? Tell the world by publishing a post on LinkedIn. By offering your opinions on industry matters, you’re positioning yourself as a thought leader and sharing your knowledge.
  4. Get to know people like you: If you want to show you are ‘motivated’ about succeeding in your industry, join a group. Share your thoughts on news or articles to show you care about the sector and widen your network. Members who are active in groups get fifteen times more profile views than members who don’t take part. 
  5. Recommend a friend: If you think someone’s ‘exceptional’, why not say it? Spend time writing meaningful recommendations using specific examples. Not only does this show you really know them, it also means they are more likely to return the favour. A couple of glowing recommendations are worth a hundred buzzwords.

You can join in the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #nobuzzwords and see what others are doing to help improve their profile for the upcoming year.


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