Morpheus.Network, the platform dedicated to improving the global supply chain through emerging technology is now an IBM partner! The partnership increases access to important technical resources which will help scale and further improve the Morpheus.Network Platform and bring innovation to global trade.

Following a groundbreaking partnership with SAP, the team at Morpheus.Network is looking forward to leveraging opportunities opened up by this partnership, and utilizing IBM’s technology to create a more efficient global supply chain platform for trade businesses worldwide. Solutions like IBM’s blockchain, Watson technology, IBM Security, and IBM Analytics will continue to be valuable for us in both the short and long-term. The program also includes educational resources and support to help keep our team updated on current best practices.

“The entire team is looking forward to working with IBM!” says Noam Eppel, Co-founder and COO of Morpheus.Network. “Being able to utilize IBM’s cutting-edge technologies creates major opportunities for us to scale and bring disruptive innovation to global trade.”

Startup with IBM (formerly IBM Global Entrepreneur) is a specialized program giving a variety of startups unprecedented access to enterprise-grade technologies and expert advice. It also offers the opportunity to communicate with other startups through meetups and special events.

About Morpheus.Network

Morpheus.Network is dedicated to improving the efficiency of global trade using the latest emerging technologies. A full-service global supply chain platform, its team includes experts with a diverse set of experiences. It was thoughtfully designed in consultation with leading firms from areas like banking, shipping, and customs. The Morpheus.Network Platform helps companies save time and reduce cost across their entire supply chain.

Interested in catching the latest Morpheus.Network Platform preview video? Watch it here!

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