Over the past two days there have been a wide variety of topics covered at Microsoft’s Decoded event in UCD. With hot industry topics like IoT and Machine Learning being featured, it’s no surprise that there was a range of different companies showing interest. I talked to some of the attendees to better understand what their organisations were hoping to achieve from taking part and for feedback on the event overall.

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Ronan Egan is a senior software engineer at AMCS, a company that provide integrated software and vehicle technology for the waste, recycling and material resources industries. These industry sectors are often cited as being at the heart of future smart cities.. Ronan said the presentations on the Internet of Things were of particular interest as the presenters were not talking in broad terms but got into specific, real-world, cases and he is looking forward to incorporating some of the designs and techniques into the next generation of AMCS’ on vehicle IOT platform.

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Stephen Dunne works with Dell Technologies as a senior engineering architect. As the recent re-brand suggests, since teaming-up with EMC, Dell [Technologies] are doing far more these days than knocking-out laptops. Powered by long time partners Intel, their Edge Gateway offerings are helping bring IoT projects past proof of concept stage. Along with his team, Stephen has the daunting task of investigating what is involved with moving Dell’s back-end off the current data centres and onto Azure.. the presentation from Stuart Leeks was of particular interest as he demonstrated how to tie together different elements of the enterprise together seamlessly.


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Limor Lahiani is a director of strategic engagements and travelled to Decoded from Microsoft’s Tel-Aviv office. Limor is working with start-ups through Microsoft’s partner catalyst initiative and she is particularly passionate when looking at the humanitarian applications of new technologies; medicine and life-sciences in particular. The seminars regarding machine learning are of particular interest in the area of life-sciences where Israel have already got a strong reputation and skill-base.

With workshops planned for day three, tomorrow, this has already been a packed event with some seriously valuable content and a very open atmosphere. To any bosses out there worried that your guys might be taking it easy in Dublin; believe me.. this isn’t that sort of event.



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