Nokia is hoping to continue it’s resurgence as a WP7 device manufacturer with both the Nokia Lumia 710 and the Nokia Lumia 800 now available in Ireland from several of the Networks.

The devices certainly seem to be proving popular in Ireland where Nokia devices were once the default phone for most people. Since Apple released the iPhone a few years ago that has all changed and Nokia has found itself falling behind in the Smartphone market.

WP7 hadn’t set the world on fire in terms of sales up until Nokia’s entry, barley registering a few percentage points of the market. With both the 800 and the 710 now available and a huge marketing campaign in full swing it will be interesting to see if Nokia can turn the tide for WP7.


Here’s a break down of the Networks availability and costs from each.

Network Device Prepay Bill
O2 Lumia 800 €429.00 €0 to €99
Lumia 710 €269.00 €0.00
eMobile Lumia 800 €439.00 €0 to €169
Lumia 710 €289.00 €0 to €119
Vodafone Lumia 800 €409.00 €149.99
Meteor Lumia 710 €289.00 €0 to €100


Online retailer also have them available SIM free for €494.99 and €339.99 respectively.

Let us know your thoughts below. Are you going to get a Nokia Windows Phone 7?



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