Ultimate Rush – episode 39 of Money Never Sleeps with Simon Cocking

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We’ve picked out a few of the more interesting thoughts that Simon shared with us, see below and then listen in!

On fintech: “Some of the innovations in fintech can be transformative and really helpful, like Mpesa, to very wide areas of the world that can make a big difference. It doesn’t mean that every day we do something amazing to help the planet, but it doesn’t hurt if you think what you’re doing has value to a wider audience.”

On just saying no: “The goal is to not work 12 hours days six to seven days a week. Otherwise, we’re failing to achieve the value of our life work balance if we just keep saying yes to everything.”

On technical founders: “The guys are super smart but they get too tech-heavy. They want to stay in the trenches of cracking interesting problems. You need to be able to communicate in a simple way and be on message about why your product is better than others.”

On his overall approach: “Don’t just go for something because of the money. That can distort you and drag you off path. Do it because you think it’s right and it has potential because if you do, other people will buy into it.”

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