October 1st – what a great day

Well my crypto diva community, both Liina and I are very excited about Monday October 1st – ie tomorrow as I write.

Liina is very excited as her project – Black Insurance – begins its ICO tomorrow. Check out the link on Black.insure. Originally they had thought to raise more than $20million but a combination of the bear summer followed by some great partnerships mean they are going for a much more modest $5million.

As Liina explains – “We needed the bigger raise as insurance licenses cost a lot of money but we have managed to circumvent that by partnering with entities that already have licences which we can use initially. Our roadmap now stretches out further and when we need the big bucks to get the licences then we will go to the market again.

“However, by that time we have demonstrated real use, created a prototype and it will be an even more compelling proposition.”

So check out the ICO – a very solid project and worth investing in.

As for me, my news is that tomorrow we are launching Blockleaders.io. I have joined up with Holochain man David Atkinson and editor supremo Alison McGuire to create an amazing platform that will be ethical, powerful and unique.

Don’t believe me – then read the overview:

At Blockleaders we bring the crypto world to life. We tell the deeply human stories of the multi-cultural, polymath, human, global men and women that are risking their reputation, beliefs, professions to inspire, challenge, design and build blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Every weekday at Blockleaders we publish one profile a day. Our profiles could be of somebody running an ICO, an angel investor or a regulator. We make no judgment on whether this person is bad or good. Instead we look deeply at them, where they came from, what motivates them and what they are trying to bring into the world. We look at what they see and what they want us to see. 

And as we learn, we hope you learn and enjoy too.

So check out our first interview tomorrow on http://blockleaders.io/

Finally I want to say a big thank you to BPOSglobal – the hosts of the Sri Lanka conference on blockchain. I was a speaker at the event and I could not express enough how amazing the event was and how wonderful it was to meet so many energised and determined people.





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