NordCoin Mining, creator of the Mobile Mining Cluster (MMC) — a self-contained, remote-controlled crypto-mining setup built inside a 40 foot freight container — allows a crypto-miner to move their operations nearly anywhere in the world to take advantage of optimal mining conditions.

Recently, a company called Envion also pursued the creation of mobile mining units goal, raising $100 million in its ICO, but the project has since stalled indefinitely due to legal troubles.

“Our team has already successfully deployed 4 Mobile Mining Clusters to validate the concept: our first MMCs have proved to be highly successful, and the first one that was built has already earned enough to cover its capital investment,” said Hermes Brambat of NordCoin Mining.

The first Mobile Mining Cluster (MMC-1) was built with an initial investment of $430,000, delivering a hash rate of approximately 53 GH/s (Scrypt). MMC-1 consists of a mixture of ASIC miners that the team’s previous experiments had found to be most profitable. Two more MMCs have since been built via private equity investment of the founders.

These proof-of-concept containers were built on the basis of ISO-certified, 40 foot shipping containers sourced from surplus inventory.

“The containers were refurbished and modified with mining unit modularity in mind. Each container has been fitted with active airflow controllers and a custom electrical system designed for the distribution of up to 300kW among individual mining units” said Brambat.

Modular design and portability allow the units the flexibility to be moved to wherever the mining environment is most attractive. While cities like Quebec once sought to lure miners offering attractive energy prices, now cities around the world are banning or raising energy costs on mining.

Electricity costs are a major decision and risk factor when setting up a crypto-mining operation as high operating costs can make mining unprofitable. NordCoin Mining’s portable mining units enable the operator to establish cost-effective fallbacks, and hence mitigate the risks.

“Mining simply isn’t profitable without the right environment and energy prices. We have situated our first MMCs within the perimeter of Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG), an Estonian power producer where we have a signed contract that guarantees electricity for over 30 MMCs,” said  Brambat.

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