Mingo, Ireland’s first ICO, today announced that Mingo will be among the first projects to use Hedera’s public hashgraph ledger. Mingo is using Hedera to build the fastest distributed ledger technology (DLT) messaging and plugin economy app.

Mingo is an instant messenger aggregation app that supports Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Discord, Slack, Skype and IRC Cloud. This messaging aggregation app is called Mingo Chat. Mingo Chat is built with a plugin economy; integrating and building functionality that will help over 2 billion mobile messenger users join the growing cryptocurrency and distributed ledger space.

Mingo’s plugin economy will start with two plugins: a cryptocurrency wallet, called Mingo Wallet, and a casual eSports platform, called Mingo Play!ä. The Mingo Chat messaging back-channel and Mingo Play!ä match-making and match results recording process will be built on the Hedera hashgraph public ledger.

Joe Arthur, CEO of Mingo, is excited about the prospect of using Hedera. “As with everyone in the distributed ledger space, we are concerned with speed and security. Hashgraph, and specifically Hedera, is the next step in this field and we are very excited about the benefits our business will experience by leveraging hashgraph. Mingo solves the problem of messaging app chaos and hashgraph offers the most secure, fairest, and fastest distributed ledger technology platform available today.”

“Mingo is an innovative startup addressing the very real issue of digital message overload,” said Mance Harmon, CEO of the Hedera Hashgraph Council. “We are pleased that they have selected the Hedera hashgraph platform to help bring digital sanity to our everyday experience of mobile communications.”

About Mingo (www.mingo.com)

Mingo is a messaging aggregation app with a strong plugin economy. Mingo’s headquarters are in Ireland. It was the first preliminary initial coin offering (pre-ICO) to launch from Ireland. Mingo will launch its full ICO in 2018. ICO participants will receive MingoCoin (XMC) in exchange for their contributions to the project.

About Hedera (www.hederahashgraph.com)

The Hedera hashgraph platform will offer a public, distributed ledger that enables anyone to easily develop globally distributed applications. Developers can build secure, fair, lightning fast distributed applications on top of the Hedera hashgraph platform. For more information, visit hederahashgraph.com, or follow us on Twitter @hashgraph, Telegram at https://t.me/hashgraph, or our forum at https://hashgraphboard.com.

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