MindBridge, Ottawa based , a venture-backed FinTech company that introduced the world’s first Ai-Auditor and is leading the advancement of artificial intelligence in the analysis of financial transactions and reports, was prominently mentioned in CB Insights in their State of Automation Report’s market map.

CB Insights is a personalised gateway to smarter, faster, friendlier intelligence on high growth private companies. CB Insights is the ideal tool for those engaged in privatequity, venture capital, corporate development, investment banking, corporate innovation & strategy, angel investment and consulting.

During his keynote presentation at CB Insights Future of Fintech conference being held in New York, Anand Sanwal, CEO CB Insights, today introduced a newly coined category “Expert Automation and Augmentation Software (“EAAS”) that features MindBridge AI.  EAAS is focused on algorithms and technology that replicate human cognition.

This comes at a stage when MindBridge AI has collaborated with industry leaders in the audit, risk and compliance industry, including Thomson Reuters, Bank of England, BDO and Grant Thornton.

“We are revolutionizing the way the audit, risk and compliance industries operate. We are utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to create smart solutions that are changing the way professionals have been operating. Our customers are finding extreme value in the Ai-Auditor platform.  We are creating a category that will help cleanse financial data by using an unbiased analysis of data to uncover material irregularities”, said Eli Fathi, CEO, MindBridge Ai.

MindBridge AI recently announced the closing of its seed round that was oversubscribed and led by Montreal’s Real Ventures, San Francisco-based 8VC and MaRS IAF.



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