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How to successfully build relationships on social media

Doing business in 2017 is all about building relationships. In today’s digital world there are so many automation tools out on the market that receiving hundreds of unsolicited messages a day isn’t uncommon. But an old saying which your Grandad has probably told you hundreds of times, still runs true ‘People buy from people’.

So, how do you actually get through to busy people on social media and start building that all important relationship?

When delivering this message, we always refer back to a classic scenario of a cocktail party. Adopt the same attitude you would if you were at a cocktail bar on a Friday night – you wouldn’t walk up to somebody and within the first 30 seconds you have already told them: who you are, what you do, what your business does and how amazing your product is, would you?

Just because you are behind a computer, or more likely phone, doesn’t mean that the person on the receiving end isn’t a human. Social media is an amazing tool, but so many people forget the critical first word – social.

If you are the one initiating the conversation, you need to be the one more interested in finding out about them. Remember how annoying it is receiving a call to say you have been mis-sold PPI? Well your first message talking about your product and how you can change that persons life is just as frustrating for the receiver!

If you are a bit stuck with approaching people on social media, you are probably thinking right now – how do I actually construct a perfectly worded message that will get me a response? Well the simple answer to that is, there isn’t such thing as a perfect message. Not everyone will respond. But I am going to list out a few key ideas that will heighten your chances of making new business relationships.

Let’s concentrate on Twitter & Instagram, since these are the two main social platforms that you are able to Direct Message anyone.

So you’ve clicked on someone’s profile, you are interested to chat to them because they look cool and interesting or their business sounds awesome. Before you dive straight into the message, follow these few steps:

1. Check their bio, these are usually used as brief blurbs to the person’s profile and list out a few key aspects about them as a person or their business. This is a fantastic place to start thinking of relevant information to discuss with the individual.

2. Review their tweets, most likely they will be tweeting about what their bio suggests. But this a great way to gain even more detail to cultivate your initial message.

A fantastic example of these two in action are:

Bio – Director, Manchester United Fan, Dad and Coffee Lover (But not necessarily in that order)
Tweets – 27th August: What a fantastic strike by Lukaku!
27th August: We are going to win the league!
19th August: Checkout an event I am speaking at on the 4th September in Dublin. Link below.

Now you have managed to pick up enough initial information and have a good understanding of what this persons interests are. You can now sculpt your message to ensure it is as compelling as possible.

An example message would be:

“Hi Gary, how are you doing? I noticed you are a big Manchester United fan, fantastic result on the weekend. I am interested to find out more about the event you are speaking at in Dublin – I’d love to hear both yours and the rest of the panel’s thoughts on advertising in the future. ”

Some people may look at this message and think, that’s a bit full on. If you are thinking that, that’s absolutely fine, tone it down slightly. But a key aspect to remember is people love it when you show an interest in them and their passions. They naturally want to chat about it and discuss it with others and as busy as they are – they will always take the time out of the day to message you back. Even if it is just a:

‘I am super busy today and tomorrow, can you drop me another message on Friday? I am more than happy to chat then’.

Give it a go. Get interested in people. Happy networking!

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