Build is Microsoft’s developer conference and this years one will be very important as we will learn more about Windows 10 which is more user friendly, and will also bring back the Start button. We will also get to see if Microsoft will be able to woo any mobile developers to develop for its Windows phone platform, and if any new exciting apps will be coming to Windows phone. Azure the Microsoft cloud platform and Office will be key to delivering key applications and also services on Android, iOS and Windows, so you can expect to hear how this will happen.

win10The latest developments for Hololens,Windows 10 and Xbox One will be disclosed.

Steve Guggenheimer is the Corporate Vice President of Developer Platform & Evangelism and Chief Evangelist for Microsoft and he will be delivering a keynote tomorrow. He has stated on his blog “At Build 2015, developers will get an up-close look at Microsoft’s platform story, told by many of the company’s senior executives and top technical leaders, over more than 160 sessions.  Partner app announcements, Microsoft product news and compelling demos will demonstrate our most recent capabilities and accomplishments achieved in enhancing the platform; while numerous technical sessions will host Microsoft’s top engineers and evangelists, diving deeply into the areas that matter most to developers.”

Over the next 2 days starting at 4:30PM Irish time you can see all the keynotes live and also the last news from Build by clicking here. For live reporting on Twitter follow @msdev and the official hashtag, #Build2015.

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