Microsoft is bringing the Surface Go with LTE Advanced to the Irish market. Irish customers will be able to pre-order from November 22nd.

In July, Microsoft introduced Surface Go, its lightest, most compact Surface yet. Since then, Microsoft have seen strong momentum for Surface Go. Business customers love Surface Go because it is compact, performant, manageable, affordable, and offers advanced security with Windows 10 Pro. Surface Go is a great device for Firstline Workers who are out in the field, directly interacting with customers. In K-8 classrooms, Surface Go provides a versatile device for sparking creativity and inspiring exploration.

Today, Microsoft will announce that Surface Go with LTE Advanced will soon be available for pre-order in select markets.

Surface Go with LTE Advanced for Business offers organizations the perfect balance of performance, portability and connectivity their Firstline Workers need to get the job done in the field. Imagine:

No more dependence on Wi-Fi at a jobsite—construction project managers can input real-time assessments and photos of contractor progress into their cloud system;
No more reliance on a client’s home Wi-Fi network—insurance claims adjusters can submit damage reports and receive quotes while assessing a vehicle;
No more tethering with reduced speeds and depleted phone batteries—census takers can upload household demographic information in real time.

Surface Go with LTE Advanced devices also are great for organizational management and security. For example, removing field worker dependency on guest Wi-Fi reduces security risks from unsecured networks. LTE connected devices make it easier for IT administrators to manage rolling out business-critical updates and new device deployments.

Surface Powers Business
Surface Go with LTE Advanced for Business is the latest in our expanding portfolio of enterprise-grade and optimised Surface devices. This comprehensive family of devices has contributed to the growth in the Surface business, evident in our recent earnings report. This breadth has also brought Surface from introducing the 2-in-1 category just six years ago to entering the top 5 in U.S. PC market share, according to Gartner.

Based on customer feedback, we created Surface for Business, products tailored specifically for commercial and education customers. On Surface Pro 6 for Business and Surface Laptop 2 for Business, we have designed our products and services to include: a higher-performing, faster 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor on the i5 configuration; advanced security with Windows 10 Pro; premium support[3] at no additional cost; and readiness for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft continues to be amazed by how our commercial and education customers are transforming their industries using Surface for Business devices. Here are a few recent examples:
Goldcorp is focused on responsible mining practices throughout the Americas. In addition to Power BI and Microsoft 365, Goldcorp standardized on Microsoft hardware and modern workplace solutions gaining performance insights, improving security, reducing costs and building a foundation for the future of technology-enabled mines. Deploying more than 1,400 Surface devices, Goldcorp selected the fan-less Surface Pro for miners to use in the mines, as well as a variety of Surface devices throughout headquarters, including Surface Pro, Surface Book 2 and Surface Studio.
John Holland, a Melbourne-based infrastructure, building and rail leader, selected 1,200 Surface Pro with LTE Advanced devices to power its field workers across large geographical construction zones. Using cellular and Wi-Fi, the Surface devices seamlessly connect workers with key information like blueprints and documents at project sites. With this change, John Holland is helping deliver a better experience to employees and a higher standard to customers.
Mashreq Bank, based in Dubai, is a regional market leader with an international presence. To keep ahead of evolving industry trends, the bank recently switched to Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced devices, implemented Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, and replaced their security offering with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. The results have included a more than 50 percent increase in digital transactions, an annual savings of $250,000 USD in security spending, a stronger mobile workforce, and an acceleration of company growth.
For New York City Administration for Children’s Services, Surface Pro with LTE Advanced devices will provide frontline staff with greater access to critical documents and case history while out in the field. Additionally, new software will automatically identify and flag high-risk cases that need additional review by managerial staff.

By November 22, Surface Go with LTE Advanced will be available in 23 markets and we expect even more in the coming months.

For more information, please visit or reach out to an authorized retailer to place an order.

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