Microsoft hosted their Girls in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) event last Thursday.

The event took place in their South County Campus in Sandyford. It brought 80 schoolgirls from 3 schools together to their Dreamspace innovation hub to celebrate girls in ICT.

Microsoft strongly believe that girls need to be empowered more to succeed through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“We want then to be brave, to not be afraid to try new things, to be creative and to bring all their different skills, talents and interests forward,” said Amanda Joliffe, the Dreamspace lead.

Currently women only make up 30% of Europe’s ICT workforce.

“With a correct exposure in schools and even in the home, we feel that the trends can change and more girls can be involved in ICT and the careers that follow with that,” said Amanda.

Microsoft also released new research to coincide with girls in ICT day that found 3 in 5 Irish girls can imagine a future in STEM subjects if they have a good role model.

During the event the girls got a number of speeches from women who work in ICT and they got to partake in technological activities such as programming a microbit and using facial recognition.

Art and creativity were encouraged as they are a vital part of making technology. Microsoft hope to continue to inspire young girls to get involved in ICT.

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