Meteor and emobile are the first out of the traps to announce their prices for the new iPhone 4S and associated plans. Both networks (part of the eircom group) are offering the devices from free on 24 month contracts up to 429euro on emobile low cost, low inclusive unit, 12 month plans. There’s a multitude of plans and device prices so we’ll keep you up to date ahead of and during the iPhone 4s launch this Friday the 28th of October. We’ll summarise the best value plans from all the networks for low and high unit users so stay tuned. In the mean time here’s the emobile and Meteor details:




Meteor 16GB iPhone 4s Plans & Prices






Meteor 32GB iPhone 4s Plans & Prices






emobile iPhone 4s Plans & Prices (where iPhone is free on 24 month contract)





emobile iPhone 4s Standard Plans & Prices (where iPhone is costs a little or a lot more on 12/18 month contract)










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