In November 2016 through to February 2017, Engine Lab Software (ELS) will be holding a series of “Meet the Tech Guys” showcase events where people in the tech industry can meet with ELS developers & find out more about the latest technologies and how they can help you. Attendees get the chance to talk to our software developers in a group Q&A environment. Attendees can learn from them and maybe see how they would address a particular issue they are facing. Next event November 10th at 3.30pm

According to ELS MD, John Rowan, it’s a series of events where people in the tech industry can talk to our top level developers about particular technologies from Java to SharePoint and everything in between. It will be a Q&A type event where we talk about technologies like SharePoint, Java or Angular and how we are using them to solve real issues for our customers. Up to 4 of our senior techies will be online at each webinar which will be facilitated by a special guest. It’s a chance for people with a particular tech need to attend the webinar and see what our developers can do. It’s free advice if nothing else but, more often than not, our guys can put together a solution there and then.

Attendees can also find out how ELS developers might approach particular issues that they are facing themselves. It’s a real chance to gain insight from some of the best techies in the industry and find out how they would approach your tech problem.

Meet the Tech Guys came about as a result of the frustrating lack of quality resources that are available in Ireland & the UK at the moment. Rowan explains how he met this challenge himself by assembling a team of software developers globally to develop a product business that he was involved in. This was just before he started up Engine Lab Software.

I have a software development background and got started developing my own products about 10 years ago. I used guys who I worked with before and trusted. There were 5 of us at the start based in Ireland, the UK, Bulgaria & India. We were all friends and had worked together before so when I needed a team I could trust, I got the guys together and we started developing software. That was 10 years ago. The start-up failed but the product team were a huge success.

Since then, we’ve continued to build a team of trusted techies using referrals from existing employees & people we’ve worked with before. We’re small & spread out (about 16 developers & 5 PMs) but we have a lot of knowledge built up and are good at what we do.

We started out doing Java & .Net development but now have teams using SharePoint, Dynamics, Mobile, Angular, PHP, Node, RoR, Python & C++.

Because we’re a small company not a lot of people know about us. We’ve relied on word of mouth so far and so this is our first real serious attempt at any sort of marketing. We’re wary of gimmick marketing so we’re trying to do something that’s of benefit to people & a chance for them to see what we can do. It’s a casual event and we will see where the conversation leads. Hopefully there will be some interesting topics raised to make the events worthwhile.

If some of the attendees like what they’re hearing and want to know more, they’re free to arrange a follow up call with us. This might lead to some projects for ELS in the long term. We’re not shy about saying that’s one of the reasons for doing this. Of course it is. But, we’re nothing if not genuine and it’s no harm if people can get some serious advice out of it anyway. People can see how ELS can help by joining in an informal Q&A session. If it leads to something then great for everybody. If not then that’s ok too.

If you are interested in registering for an event then you can register your details here. You can also connect with us @EngineLabSW or on LinkedIn

Thursday Business Showcase : Engine Lab Software

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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