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Every year at SXSW there is one app that tends to dominate the event. This year was all about Meerkat. Meerkat is barely three weeks old and allows users to live stream over the internet with a mobile device, it has gained much praise and seemed to have made a breakthrough in the market.

Ben Rubin, the founder of Meerkat boasted about how 20% of Meerkat’s 100,000 plus users watch two hours of live video each day. Rubin contends that the app has a small by loyal user base but just three weeks in, has the app peaked already?

SXSW has been known to be a bit of a bubble, apps that have found huge success at SXSW have failed out in the real world. Highlight is the darling of SXSW 2012, an app which took a novel approach of alerting people when users were nearby based on factors such as location and common interests. Today, the startup is still there, however it ranks nowhere on any mobile software or services.

At the same time, SXSW helped launch Twitter in 2007, but Meerkat faces some huge challenges going into the future. Meerkat started out by essentially piggy backing Twitter’s social graph in order to automate tweets of live streams and help you connect to followers and people you follow. Twitter has now cut off this access which means that Meerkat now has to rely on users organically growing their list of followers and people they follow on the app itself.

Only three weeks in and Meerkat already has to decrease their dependence on Twitter and start playing nice with other social media platforms, like Facebook? Well Rubin doesn’t have a lot of love for Facebook, at SXSW he said that; “[Facebook] is kind of irrelevant to live media,” which is a bold statement to make.

There is without doubt a place for live streaming in the world of social media, however it is unclear if Meerkat will be the one to supply that service, and with Twitter purchasing Periscope, it is clear that they are preparing to launch their own live streaming service. Let the live streaming battle begin!

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