Medicohealth is a health portal with the objective to support patients in their search for the right doctor for their health concerns.

Health is the most important value in the world, but despite this well-known fact, we neglect it on a daily basis. We are married to our jobs and we do not listen to our bodies. Stress, fast food, the lack of sleep – all of this creates a perfect environment to become ill.

When you become ill, your only wish is to get better as soon as possible. However, our daily timetable makes it impossible to find the right kind of treatment. We do not have time to check which doctor is the best, doctors do not have time to treat patients for years, and researchers do not have time to investigate big blocks of dusty documents. Nobody likes wandering in the dark.

MedicoHealth is the first, new, and unique system. It is made to enable a worldwide network of all stakeholders. Our goal is to achieve greater reliability, transparency, professionalism, efficiency, and to connect everything with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows full access to data on the one hand, and complete anonymity and security of stakeholders on the other. We provide the most effective, professional, and fast solution for any health situation anywhere in the world for anyone, without prejudice, with the best experience, in total privacy with complete security and anonymity of all data.

Our mission is to connect the entire world to one health and medicine system in order to facilitate accessibility, provide better quality, greater objectivity, and complete transparency on the one hand, as well as complete data security and stakeholders’ prosperity on the other.

MedicoHealth’s team is creating the missing link between the old system and the newest technology. We will link them through a simple and trustworthy entry point for all stakeholders, providing them with an excellent experience on all levels and with a high level of data security and privacy. This is crucial for keeping them in the system, to use the system, to believe, support, and spread the new health and medical system around the globe.

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