(MAYNOOTH, Co. Kildare) – The Innovation Value Institute at Maynooth University in County Kildare will work with a Dublin telco to help encourage innovation in data analytics and machine learning.

In working with Maynooth, Anam, the firm that develops SMS firewalls and app-to-person monetisation software, will have access to IVI’s Innovation Management Assessment. That benchmark will help Anam executives get a good grasp on the innovation culture within the company.

Anam’s Chief Operations Officer Alan Darcy says the partnership is already having a positive effect.

“The innovation capability was already present but we just weren’t capitalising on it across the business,” says Darcy. “[The partnership with IVI] has already reaped some very valuable outcomes right across our business.”

For Anam, the real advantage of partnering with an academic institute is to stay ahead of changing trends in the telecommunications industry.

In addition to helping develop artificial intelligence and data analytics, the company and IVI will also focus on Predictive SIM Box Detection. That is a system to detect fraud  using neural networks.

IVI is a creation of Intel Corporation and Maynooth University. The aim was to build a group of international companies and public sector organisations to create standards for information technology management.

A spokesperson for IVI says the university benefits from these relationships too. A collaboration like the one with Anam shows how Maynooth’s digital research capabilities can have a positive impact on SMEs as they scale up.

“We keep a constant eye on how innovative techniques can result in better ways to do things,” says Prof. Martin Curley, Chair of Anam’s Innovation programme. “Embracing and reaping benefits from this culture of creative thinking has enabled Anam to achieve its leading market position.”

The partnership is part of Anam’s broader 24/7 initiative, partnering with the leading outside experts in the field.

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