There are three important days in May, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Star Wars Day. I know you are probably thinking I know the first two days but what is Star Wars Day and when is it? Star Wars Day is when Star Wars fans around the world celebrate one of the most iconic movies in existence. This celebration takes place today May the 4th ( be with you) and as there are 12 Star Wars movies since the first one launched in 1977 you might be wondering what is the most popular movie in the Star Wars franchise in Ireland and also other countries. has released a report which reveals the most popular Star Wars movie in 60 countries across the globe. In Ireland, our favourite Star Wars film was Phantom Menace, which means we are into pod racing and must be fond of Jar Jar Binks the Star Wars marrmite. In Israel, their favourite movie was also the Phantom Menace and this is mainly because it featured Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman in one of her first mainstream leading roles. Four other countries also loved the Phantom Menace, Australia, Austria, Greece and South Korea.

The report also noted that all the countries that love Revenge of the Sith are nations that were heavily affected by the Nazi regime during World War II. Perhaps the tragedy of a galaxy falling prey to the schemes of an evil emperor resonated particularly strongly with these nations as a result?

So what movie is the worldwide favourite Star Wars movie? Well, it was a close race to determine who it is, and with 14 out of 60 countries standing behind it, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is declared the winner.

To see more Star Wars insights from please click here and May the 4thbe with you.

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