Irish law firm Matheson has announced a brand new Matheson CoderDojo, a volunteer programming club for young people with the first event taking place yesterday at the firm’s headquarters in Dublin.

Matheson’s collaboration with CoderDojo is one of a number of initiatives born out of ‘[email protected]’, the firm’s dedicated annual tech and innovation programme which is designed to inspire innovative thinking and the creation of new efficiencies.

CoderDojo, established in Ireland in 2011 by James Whelton and Bill Liao, is a global network of coding clubs for young people (aged 7 to 17) where they learn how to code, develop programmes, build websites, games and apps, and explore technology.

Simon Walsh of Trend Micro joined the event to discuss safe and responsible use of the internet for both children and families.

Speaking at the event, Rebecca Ryan, partner at Matheson, said: “Matheson is proud to start our very own CoderDojo to help young children and teenagers to get hands-on with programming and technology in a fun and creative way.”

“A deep understanding of technology is central to Matheson’s offering as a leading law firm. At Matheson’s recent ‘Smart Week’, we said that the lawyers of the future would need to have knowledge of emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and coding. Partnering with CoderDojo and connecting with a new generation of young people passionate about tech will help us prepare for the future.”

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