Where can you find a 1 day conference which shows you everything from coming up with your strategy for content all the way through to generating sales from that content?

In Dublin on 31st of May.

Two of the world leading social media and content marketing professionals, Ian Cleary and Mark Schaefer, have joined forces to run the Content Mastery Summit in the Chartered Accountants house in Dublin.

Content Marketing is about creating content that attracts your ideal customer.  You create content that attracts people into your sales funnel and then through a follow on sequence you convert part of this audience to sales.

Businesses create content every day through the form of website updates, blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos and more.

Do you have a strategy for creating the right content?

Do you know the process of moving a piece of content from a discussion to a sale?

Ian and Mark felt that there are plenty of conferences that focus on the content creation and sharing but a key component is also the sales piece.

This conference is the first of it’s kind where you can learn the full process from content strategy all the way through building a content conversion funnel all in one day.

Ian Cleary is based in Dublin but speaks at the world leading marketing conferences around the world and this is where he met Mark.  After becoming close friends they decided to collaborate on a project and we wanted to do something special, unique and extremely useful for businesses.

The event is limited to 100 people and with several corporates already expressing an interest in buying a batch of tickets they are bound to sell up quickly.

As Mark and Ian have very strong expertise in social media (both blogs were awarded as top social media blogs in the US in 2015) this will also be an area that will be discussed at the event.

If you’re creating content but don’t understand the marketing and sales process for content this is the summit for you.

Walk away with your own actionable plan for content.

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