Dublin-based IT training company OrkidTech has teamed up with technology leaders nearForm, Jetstack, Techdency & Hackages to deliver fast paced, intensive training across some key technologies which are enabling rapid development. Happening in Dublin (July) and London (September), this MasterClass Series goes to the heart of these new technologies, drawing deeply from the experiences of these leading practitioners.

‘We know that developers want to learn from professionals with Real World experience. Our courses are prepared and delivered by the experts in each domain,’ says Ross O’Crowley, CEO of OrkidTech. ‘Our workshops are utilising the very latest techniques to solve real industry problems.

‘Rapid Innovation and Rapid Development needs Rapid Learning,’ says O’Crowley. ‘We have teamed up with the hottest companies, offering teaching delivered by experts to get your team up to speed quickly.’
All courses require applicants to be skilled in at least one mainstream programming language and some courses require much higher levels of skills.

The MasterClass Series is run at a fast pace requiring applicants to practice their existing skill sets whilst learning new ones. Some courses are a mixture of workshop and consultancy and some courses will require mentoring by several instructors. Delegates will learn at speed.

This Master Class Series covers Node.js, Microservices, React.js, Docker and Kubernetes. All are taught at a senior level. All are led by professionals who are pushing the boundaries of these technologies whilst implementing solutions for some of the World’s most innovative companies.

At the end of the master classes, participants will learn how best to utilise key technologies to enable rapid delivery, gain deep insights into the latest techniques and how best to utilise them. They will also learn how to build a fast continuous delivery pipeline.

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Dublin Public Courses:

• Building Node.js Production Systems 11-13 July

• Advanced Node.js Performance 7 & 8 July

• Docker and Kubernetes 4-6 July

• Javascript Specialist 11 July

• ReactJS Training 13 July

Go to www.orkidtech.com for Course details:

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