Circular economy, robotics innovations, artificial intelligence and spaceflight the main focus points this year

Seven topical pavilions and more than 100,000 mof display areas for touching the future with your own hands

Rome, 17 September 2018 – The wait is over. “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” returns, with impressive numbers of makers and innovators, new topics, and surprising attractions. Organised by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, Maker Faire Rome is now in its 6th edition. The event will take place from 12 to 14 October 2018 at the Fiera di Roma. With 7 pavilions covering about 100,000 m2 of display areas, Maker Faire Rome will once again be the event where the digital revolution takes shape and the future is revealed; the place in the limelight dedicated to families, children and all those who are passionate about innovation; and, also, the consolidated format for businesses and innovators who use digital culture as a means of dealing with new market challenges.

There are many current and exciting topics in the sixth edition, as well as several novelties, including an entire pavilion dedicated to the circular economy – an extraordinary summary of the radical social and economic transformation that is quickly changing our lifestyle. This area will display the pathways that have been developed, from companies with a particular vision – and which have for years now abandoned the old “linear” production models – to very recent start-ups which show us how technological innovation in the circular economy way is always a synonym of creativity. The pavilion will include those who transform hemp into bioplastic to print everyday items using 3D technology; produce cloth using waste from dairy production; recycle textile fibre and wool; produce pharmaceutical products from insects; offer solutions for slum clearance using microbe cultures; even a miniature bio-refinery for home use!

There are unmissable novelties, interactive games for young and old alike, and a full schedule of talks in which the main actors in the circular economy will display their innovations to visitors. Eni will have a display area covering about 500 m2, designed by the firm of Carlo Ratti Associati, where a large circular restaurant will be set-up to show the concrete impact on the everyday life of people of three Eni technologies: the transformation of Solid Urban Waste (FORSU) into a second generation biofuel; production of biodiesel from used cooking oil; and polystyrene recycling for use in the heat insulation sector. After enjoying fried foods or an extracted fruit beverage, the visitors to the restaurant will themselves become “virtuous actors” in the cycle, used in the Eni industrial processes, for the transformation of kitchen waste into new resources.

Other displays include the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence; digital manufacturing; foods of the future and sensor-related topics; smart mobility, recycling and reuse; virtual and augmented reality; health and wellbeing; and science and biotechnology and drones. There will also be a “space” for discussing spaceflight, an area dedicated to the celebration of the Apollo Program, and a preview of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, which will be celebrated in 2019. The main actors in this area are the pioneers who designed and built the first satellites in the San Marco series. The robotics area – handled by Bruno Siciliano, a lecturer in Robotics at Federico II Univeristy of Naples and author of the “Handbook of Robotics”, the reference manual for the robotics sector worldwide – increases in importance this year, enriched by display set-ups from all over Europe.

“Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” ( is an event promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce and organised by its special Agency Innova Camera. It is an event of international standing, bringing the best of innovation from all over the world to Rome. Maker Faire Rome is a unique opportunity for visitors to see and test the innovations that will change our lives for the better. For the makers, start-uppers, and businesses, it is an opportunity to make comparisons with established international operations which have chosen the event to launch their products and innovations and for scouting new talent.

The curator of the 6th edition of MFR and co-founder of Arduino, Massimo Banzi, received mention in the “The Economist” as an advocate of the “new industrial revolution” started by the Maker movement. He is assisted by Riccardo Luna, director of AGI, who will once again be collaborating with the Maker Faire and the topic of the circular economy and chairing the Opening Conference. They are supported by Alessandro Ranellucci, executive coordinator of MFR, as well as a qualified team of area managers: Bruno Siciliano (robotics), Paolo Mirabelli (drones), Sara Roversi and Carlo Hausmann (food and agritech), Mauro Spagnolo, and Susanna Albertini (greentech and bioeconomics).

Maker Faire Rome is proof that creativity, work and the force of ideas are capable of generating new production models based on individual initiatives and brilliant projects. For the 6th consecutive year, Rome will once again be a magnet for new economic ideas, content, and models: Just think that more than 1000 projects from 61 different countries replied to the various calls for makers!


New generations are looking at the future through Maker Faire Rome. This is proven by the widespread participation of universities, research centres and schools in the event. 25 universities and research centres will be represented in a dedicated area at the Fiera. 55 schools have been selected from the hundreds of projects received, representing all of the regions of Italy, including 46 higher level secondary schools, 4 higher technical schools (ITS) and 5 schools from the European Union (2 from Greece, 1 from Romania, 1 from Slovenia and 1 from Hungary). All of the schools participated in the Call for Schools, realised in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (Miur). Those selected will be guaranteed a space at the Maker Faire to display their innovative projects. 25 projects from the same number of ITS will be presented at the Maker Faire, from all over Italy and covering the most diverse sectors, from using the most advanced sensor systems for managing dairies to virtual reality for animating some lesser known historical and artistic sites, transportable recharging points for electrical bikes and robots for managing chicken farms. The ITS 4.0 programme was started with the economic support of the Miur and developed in partnership with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, with the aim of making two-year post-graduate courses an experimental training ground to enable businesses and ITS students to manage the innovation process side-by-side.


Maker Faire Rome is not only the end point for makers, but a starting point towards a better future. This is why the 2018 edition will also include special contests and initiatives aimed at promoting the best projects in order to guarantee the visibility and development of the various initiatives presented, a public and tangible recognition of the value of the creativity displayed during the event.

This year’s contests include MakeIn’Africa ( promoted by Eni, which aims to support and spread innovative technological solutions in support of energy access, a circular economy, and energy efficiency in Africa.

Make to Care (, promoted by Sanofi Genzyme, returns for its 3rd edition and facilitates the realisation and spread of innovative solutions that deal with the real needs of people affected by any form of disability.

IGPDecaux, the Italian leader in the field of external communication, will participate in Maker Faire Rome 2018 as media partner and launch a new Social Innovation Challenge aimed at keeping alive the dialogue on new shared and technological uses for public urban areas.

Participants will be asked to work using avant-garde methods to design and plan new uses for public urban areas that are inclusive and collaborative, based on technological development and facilitated by services that can be financed by the sale of advertising.


The 6th edition of “Maker Faire Rome” will kick off with the Educational Day ( On Friday 12 October, from 9:00 to 13:00, the traditional morning dedicated to visiting school students (25,000 students attended last year) will take place before the event opens to the public, allowing students to see the inventions created by the makers from close-up. “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” will be open to the public from Friday afternoon at 14:00 until Sunday 14 October. The Opening Conference, presented by Riccardo Luna, will also be held on Friday, at 10:30, and will be broadcast in live streaming.

Evolution from industry and business 4.0 does not only create a significant expansion of the framework of businesses, but makes the need for an evolution of skills at all levels of businesses, from management to production operators, the focal point of discussion. This will be discussed in the meeting “Industry and Business 4.0, the revolution of skills”, moderated by Franco Canna, director of the web magazine Innovation Post. During the course of the two half-days, the afternoon of Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13, representatives of institutions, universities and businesses will take turns on stage to discuss the policies and technologies capable of favouring the digital transformation of manufacturing and other businesses. In the pavilion dedicated to the circular economy, the Eni display area will host an intense schedule of single topic talks and three round tables. The first, on Friday 12 at 15:00, will be on the topic of The major gamble of the circular economy, in which the main actors of the sector economic system will meet to discuss the limits and potential of their activities; the second, on Saturday 13 at 12:00, will be on the Bio-economy and the advent of new materials, and the third, on Sunday 14 at 12:00, will be on the Circular Economy: technological innovation and new social models, involving numerous start-ups which will tell their remarkable stories and how the current social models will be modified as a result. Another topic will be shop 4.0, in other words how to enhance the traditional sales outlet using new digital technologies, and also others, without distorting it. A temporary shop will be set-up to demonstrate some innovative technologies for sales outlets, which are already successfully used today. There will also be a seminar focusing on the topics of innovation in commerce and the enhancement of sales outlets thanks to new technologies, with two sessions: Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

The topics of Maker Faire Rome 2018

The circular economy, artificial intelligence, IoT – Internet of Things, creativity, Electronics Fabrication, Open Source Innovation, Robotics, Aerospace and food are some of the topics of the event.

For a satisfying visitor experience, each display area has been based on a leit motif:

Circular EconomyRobots, AI, Research, Aerospace – Creativity – Electronics & FabricationYoung makersLife.


The area dedicated to space, new to this edition, is realised in collaboration with the Italian section of the British Interplanetary Society, the curator of the technical and cultural aspects of the space section, and the School of Aerospace Engineering of Rome La Sapienza University, which will display valuable historical artefacts. The highlight of this area will be the legendary Apollo Guidance Computer, one of the greatest innovations of the Apollo program; Don Eyles, a MIT programmer and engineer and an exceptional maker, who played a key role in all of the lunar missions will be there supported by David Baker, PhD and engineer, editor of the magazine Spaceflight, and a prolific author of books, to talk about the ingenuity and solutions that were the key to reaching the Moon. The secrets behind the San Marco Project will also be revealed, explaining, not only the technology, but also the art behind the uninterrupted success of Italian artificial satellites, created by the team of engineers and technicians put together by Luigi Broglio at the same time as the race for the Moon. This area will give an understanding of space and discuss it in practical terms, getting to know the protagonists of yesterday and discovering the inventors of today.


The Food and Agritech Area of Maker Faire Rome focuses on innovation in the farming and food sector and combines the new technologies available to 0agro-makers and the technological solutions provided by the national farming research system. In particular, the makers will be proposing food sector product innovations, while the national and regional research authorities Crea, Enea and Arsial, together with the universities, will present 30 innovative solutions applicable to all of the framing and food production lines. The technology on display will be supplemented by a series of seminars and technical meetings, dedicated especially to businesses, with the collaboration of La Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre, Tuscia and Biomedical Campus universities and Conaf/Fidaf and Fosan – Foundation for Food and Nutrition Studies. On Saturday afternoon, October 13, there will be a meeting attended by the Under-secretary of State of the Ministry of farming, food and forestry policies, Alessandra Pesce, dedicated to the topic of innovation in the Italian food market. There will also be a chance to see the Restaurant of the Future, with sustainable menus by the “Costaggini” hoteliers institute of Rieti, with a review of traditional recipes from Lazio innovated in terms of preparation techniques and nutritional value, an educational area for seminars, and a cooking show, in collaboration with Gambero Rosso, with a series of educational events on sustainable food and circular cuisine.


As is tradition, the 6th edition of Maker Faire Rome has an area of 10,000 m2 for young innovators, where aspiring makers aged 4 to 15 can participate in numerous educational activities and laboratories to experiment with technologies and the maker spirit, thanks to digital coding, making and creativity. The Creative Learning Table is an unmissable attraction of this edition, a table rich in tinkering activities to expand manual and creative capacities thanks to the creative reuse of recyclable materials. Not only children, but also parents and educators, who for the first time will be involved in a “hands on” experience side-by-side with their children or students. The Open Lab area also returns this year, where young innovators will be able to discover all of the secrets of the makers without being accompanied. The Kids & Education area of the Maker Faire, provided by Codemotion Kids, will be a place for all visitors to imagine, make and live unforgettable experiences.

The educational activities at Maker Faire Rome 2018 are widespread and varied: Hundreds of conferences, seminars and workshops on topics such as industry 4.0, home automation, drones and robotics, IoT – Internet of Things, technology applied to means of transport, cooking and music. After the success of past years, the Teacher area of Maker Faire will be managed by CampuStore (Media Direct Srl) and characterised by 4 halls where hands-on laboratories and workshops for training teachers and educators will be held on educational robotics, Arduino CTC101, IoT, tinkering, 3D printing and BYOD by the educators of the CampuStore Academy, some of the top Italian experts in innovative education. In addition to the educational halls, CampuStore will also set-up a display area in the Kids area in collaboration with international partners such as LEGO® Education, littleBits and ozoBot, where products used in the various laboratories can be tried out and purchased. A wide-range of educational activities are provided by the School of Robotics which, in addition to certified training for teachers and educators, will launch the first edition of the “Humanoids Festival”, a hackathon where teams will challenge each other in programming different types of humanoid robots.

There will also be an exciting journey into the future of music with the A.M.I. (Artificial Music Intelligence) algorithm devised by Alex Braga with Professors Francesco Riganti Fulginei, Antonino Laudani and Alessandro Salvini and Roma Tre University. There will also be a space for video-mapping, with a wall illustrating profiles of the monuments of Rome. There will be workshops on video-mapping on all three days of the Maker Faire, from visual designers Pietro Grandi, Martina Brunelli, Tommaso Bassanini and Francesco Previdi, under the artistic direction of Cristina Redini. The topic of design will also be a protagonist of the Maker Faire. ADI will participate in the event displaying a series of very different products to highlight the importance of the role of designers in all sector, from design for sports to designing services. The products selected by ADI Lazio, which will be on show for all three days of the event, come from all over Italy and many of them have been awarded the Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass).


“Brain+” from 1 to 4 October at the Casa del Cinema at the Villa Borghese in Rome

A review of 4 films, with short discussions beforehand, realised by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with BrainCircleItalia, Brainforum, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Elsc (The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences) and the contribution of Roche. It is called “Brain+” and its goal is to bring those who are not insiders in the sector and youngsters closer to scientific research, outside of University halls, research centres and conference halls. It deals with topics that are current, scientific interest using the language of cinema. The films that will be screened during the event have been selected for their artistic quality and scientific topics, in an attempt to give the public a key to their understanding and curious, unusual and entertaining discussion, thanks to the experts and the scientists who will analyse them. The schedule will be as follows: 1 October at 20:30 – film Minority Report, with the participation of Adrian Raine (Professor of Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania), Olivia Choy (University of Nanyang in Singapore) and Bruno Lepri (director of the MobS Lab at the Bruno Kessler Foundation); 2 October at 20:30 – The Manchurian Candidate, with the participation of Fabio Babiloni (Department of Molecular Medicine of La Sapienza University) and Fiorella Operto (philosopher and Vice-President of the School of Robotics of Genoa); 3 October at 20:30 – Ex machina, with the participation of Barbara Bottalico (lecturer in Bioethics at the University of Pavia) and Federica Pascucci (Roma Tre University); 4 October at 20:30 – A.I., with the participation of Marco Gori (Professor of Computer Science at the University of Siena) and Sébastien Bratieres (AI Director at Pi School). The discussions will be moderated by Viviana Kasam (President of BrainCircleItalia).

On 6 and 7 October “The Hack Night Museum” at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples

A week before Maker Faire 2018, on 6 and 7 October, “The Hack Night @ Museum” will be held at the Capodimonte museum in Naples. “The Hack Night” is a weekend of non-stop creativity, technology and sharing, a marathon in which developers, makers, engineers, designers, start-ups and students will all be involved, getting together in teams and challenging each other to provide prototypes of solutions in response to different challenges presented by renowned partners on topics with major impacts on the quality of life. This year’s challenges are presented by Eni, RFI, Procter&Gamble, WWF, and Campania Region.

The “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” benefits from the valuable collaboration of institutional partners, such as Lazio Region and the ICE. Specifically, the support of ICE is part of a wider-ranging backing of initiatives in support of competition and innovation by the Agency and by the Italian government. ICE has been involved for years with collectives of Italian businesses in the US edition of the fair, from which the international movement of makers started. In support of this year’s edition of Maker Faire Rome, ICE has organised an incoming of about 200 speakers of international renown, investors and the press from various countries worldwide, with the aim of the enhancing the recruiting of profiled visitors and strengthening the international nature of the initiative.


Lazio Region will have its own display stand this year as well, which will involve the 5 provinces of Lazio displaying 18 prototypes and presenting 18 projects from throughout the region through the Call4Makers (open until 28 September). As part of the Startupper School Academy project, the Region has also selected the most interesting projects to animate the display area, where a “venture capital” will illustrate the tools available to the ecosystem of start-ups and the investment funds. There will be different events scheduled in the Meeting area of the stand, where the results of the programme promoted by the Research authority for the purchase of digital tools and printers in schools in Lazio will also be presented, together with the businesses and makers selected through the Call4Makers and a workshop/masterclass will be organised on the topic of “Gaming” to illustrate activities offered by the new Active Space in Zagarolo. Lastly, for the Space sector, Space for Makers, some start-ups selected by the Roma Tecnopolo Active Space and participating in the ESA BIC Lazio programme aimed at entrepreneurs and researchers with innovative ideas in the field, will be present.

Many domestic and international sponsors make the realisation of the event feasible and have shifted the logic of interaction with the public and insiders to offer unforgettable experiences and enhance the offer of contents that are useable by a varied public, which also includes entrepreneurs and investors.

To keep constantly updated: – Facebook: Maker Faire Rome  – Twitter:  @MakerFaireRome #MFR18 Press Office: tel. 06-6781178 – [email protected]


Maker Faire is the most important event on innovation in the world . a “family friendly” event rich in inventions, creativity and inventiveness and a celebration of the culture and movement of #makers. It is the place where makers and aficionados of all ages and backgrounds meet to present their projects and share their own knowledge and discoveries. The first Maker Faire was held in San Mateo, California, in 2006, less than one year after the publication of the first number of “Make: Magazine”, the reference magazine for all #makers, in 2005.


Organised by the Rome Chamber of Commerce through its special agency Innova Camera, the MFR has put the city of Rome at the centre of the debate on innovation and favours the spreading of the culture of innovation. Maker Faire Rome is the largest Maker Faire outside the United States, and is an event that is continuously growing and which saw more than 100,000 visitors in the last edition, in only three days.

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