Climote, the leading home technology company, has announced a partnership with ScottishPower, winning a global tender that will enable the utility giant to offer their 5.6 million UK customers a simple and effective way to control their heating remotely.

Recognised as one of the ‘big six’ in the UK energy market, ScottishPower’s new deal with the Irish technology brand will see them white label the product as ‘Connect’ for their customers nationwide.

The rapidly growing climote is the brainchild of ex-Honeywell executive Eamon Conway and connected homes innovator Derek Roddy. The duo have created a patented product which enables users to control their home heating and adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world, using smart technology. Whether it is to heat the home remotely during a cold spell or ensure it is warm when waking up, climote enables customers to control their heating timings and temperature via smartphone, SMS or online, increasing efficiency and reducing wastage.

climote Eamon Conway MD climote - Derek Roddy CEO climote_ Picture Tony Kinlan

Eamon Conway, Managing Director of climote, commented on the announcement, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ScottishPower. It is testament to the strength of our business proposition that one of the six biggest energy companies in the UK has selected us as a strategic connected homes partner. By teaming up with a utility giant such as ScottishPower, we are confident we can play a major role in revolutionising the UK’s heating efficiency and hope that it will be a long and productive partnership.”

Neil Clitheroe CEO, Retail and Generation at ScottishPower added, “ScottishPower is committed to providing the best services and products for our customers, whilst promoting energy efficiency, which is why we saw a natural partner in climote. The Connect hub will be a popular product with our customers, helping to make heating systems more responsive and allowing customers’ greater control of their utility outgoings, all of which can be achieved using climote’s technology“.

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