Hailo is encouraging commuters to avoid rush hour and get a taxi at off peak times during the second LUAS strike planned for today and tomorrow. Data from the last strike shows that demand was up 25% from 7.30am – 9.30am on strike days (versus an average Thursday and Friday) and demand is expected to be high at these times again. Hailo will be offering live updates during the strike through @HailoIreland.

Hailo data from the last strike also shows that journeys generally took longer, with more cars and traffic on the roads, so it is encouraging people to plan to leave a bit earlier than usual. Last Thursday, the average journey duration was up 35% week-on-week – stretching a usually 15 minute journey to over 20 minutes.

Hailo experienced record numbers of pre-bookings for morning rush hour during the strike. Capacity for prebook orders is limited at peak times – so Hailo is advising commuters to prebook as far in advance as possible.

Tim Arnold, General Manager, Hailo in Ireland said:
“Based on data from last week’s strike, we are once again anticipating high levels of demand during rush hour. While we will have a greater number of taxi drivers available at these times, it will be much easier to Hail a taxi at 7am than it will be at 8am.

“Most Hailo pre-bookings came in as people went to bed – 33% of morning bookings were placed 8-10 hours in advance. If you can, place your prebook order earlier to make sure you get a cab confirmed before we reach prebook capacity.”

“For Hailo app users, using Pay with Hailo can also help alleviate delays. Pay with Hailo allows users to hop into a cab off the street and check in and pay with their Hailo app.”

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