Decentralized Database LoveBlock has officially partnered with millionaire dating app Luxy

What is Luxy?

Luxy, founded in 2014, is the ultimate matchmaking app for millionaires and high net-worth individuals seeking meaningful relationships. Luxy has quickly amassed over 2 million users, many of them verified millionaires, and touts members from countries all over the globe. Luxy already has a great in-house security system protecting its users, but has been looking for something even better as it continues to grow in size.

What is LoveBlock?

LoveBlock, founded in September of 2017, has been steadfast in its mission to create an online dating ecosphere that is committed to security, data-protection, and fraud reduction. With LoveBlock’s state-of-the-art security features in tandem with its implementation of Blockchain, LoveBlock is preparing to be a leader in the online dating security field.

Why is LoveBlock necessary?

Because simply using a Facebook log-in is not sufficient enough security in this day and age where anyone can create a fake Facebook account with ease. Luxy can outsource their security concerns and gain better users by utilizing LoveBlock. Simply put, LoveBlock has security systems in place that Luxy can greatly benefit from.

How does this help LoveBlock?

LoveBlock gets great insight and experience from partnering with Luxy. By securing Luxy’s 2 million plus users, LoveBlock can put its state-of-the-art security system into action on a large scale. Furthermore, by proving its security efficiency with Luxy, LoveBlock can begin to grow and branch out to other dating platforms?—?thereby building its own online dating ecosystem all linked together by LoveBlock.

What does this mean for DDD Token implementation?

Luxy will be the first company to get the opportunity to use Decentralized Database for Dating (DDD) tokens. Luxy users can use these tokens to make in-app purchases and to use to purchase premium features. In the near future DDD will not just be limited to investors or companies acting in LoveBlock’s network: Other online dating users under the purview of LoveBlock will also have the chance to accumulate DDD if they help improve the online dating community or promote LoveBlock. This is very promising for DDD’s outlook as it will have real utility behind it and in the hands of many people.

We want to affirm our commitment in providing the best security for the online dating community. We are extremely fortunate to have Luxy working with us. LoveBlock is on its way to having a bright future with our newest partnership and hopefully will have many more to come.

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