New research reveals more than half (51%) of tech professionals in Ireland are afraid to post their profile on a jobs board in case their boss finds it.

The revelation comes from Harvey Nash Ireland’s “Control Your Career” survey, which assessed the attitudes of 3,500 full-time professionals to their career management.

The survey also revealed that of those who do use jobs boards, a whopping 76% either don’t know or don’t trust that their data is being kept to GDPR standards when they post their CV on a jobs board.

Gavin Fox, Director at Harvey Nash Ireland, comments, “A year after GDPR was introduced, it is clear that recruitment job sites have failed to win the trust of candidates. Employers depending on this recruitment channel are neglecting half the talent market. With the demand for skilled professionals so high, this could prove hugely problematic for these businesses.”

Passive Attitudes

When it comes to career management, the survey shows 45% of professionals in Ireland are passive in their approach, expressing that they will only consider a new job role if they are contacted in relation to it, but will not actively seek new opportunities.

The finding is highly surprising considering one in three (32%) of respondents believe their current job role will either harm or limit future job prospects.

Interestingly, the opportunity to learn new skills (33%) was the most popular reason given for seeking a new job. This was followed by better remuneration (26%) and dissatisfaction with their current job (16%).

Fox continues, “The jobs market has completely transformed over the last decade. In such a competitive jobs market, Employers are leaning towards strategic partners who have the track record in delivering tech talent and candidates expect to be courted and enticed by prospective employers. Money is no longer enough to attract skilled talent, particularly in technology.”

Candidates want a frictionless recruitment process with human beings, not websites or robots. Candidates have a thirst for knowledge at their fingertips, so it’s more important than ever for companies to show who they are, what is the companies mission/culture, what skills they will acquire and how a move will benefit them in 3 – 5 years’ time.

Working with some of the country’s most prominent technology companies, we’ve seen first-hand the importance of building a transparent, engaging relationship between employers and the candidates they hope to attract.”

As DTS19 Partners Harvey Nash will be launching the findings at the Summit today, while also addressing topics around culture and scale throughout the two day event.


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