Logitech has just announced a new bluetooth keyboard and mouse called the K380 Multi-Device bluetooth keyboard and the M535 bluetooth mouse. They are designed to work across multiple devices from desktops to smaller, more portable devices like smartphones or tablets.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device bluetooth keyboard.

The keyboard can be connected to up to three devices at a time and can be instantly switched from one device to another using the easy switch buttons. The keyboard will recognise what device is connected and will automatically map keys to supported functions and shortcuts on that device.

The keyboard is on the smaller size which makes sense as Logitech are clearly aiming for portability and it would feel more at home using it when paired with a tablet instead of using a keyboard which is full size such as a Das 4.

JPG 300 dpi -RGB--K380 Keyboard BTY3 Blue

Due to the fact that it is smaller, there is no full number pad present, so if that is something that you need for work related tasks then you may want to look at other options. As well as that, the keys on the keyboard are round and while that makes it look pretty neat and smart it is also one of the few keyboards on the market to take that approach, so it may take some getting used to.

The keyboard takes two AAA batteries however according to Logitech, this will supply you with up to two years of battery life. It will be available in two colours, the blue which is seen above or if you prefer you will be able to pick it up in grey.

Logitech M535 bluetooth mouse.

The mouse has programmable navigation buttons which allow you to switch quickly between applications, or if you are on a Mac you can assign Mission Control functionality if you wish. Aside from that you have the usual functionality of course with left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel and so on.

Logitech says that the mouse will track on any surface from metal to wood or tile. The mouse should track on any surface you use thanks to a laser grade optical sensor. It is not the same Darkfield sensor used in the high performance Logitech MX and Logitech MX Master devices.

JPG 300 dpi -RGB--M535BT_Blue_TOP

You will be able to download Logitech Options Software which will allow you to customise the keyboard and mouse to enhance how you use them on your devices. The design of both the keyboard and the mouse look great together however they are not dependant on each other, you can get both if you like or you can buy just one device as well.


The keyboard is expected to be available in Ireland in October 2015 and will have a recommended retail price of €44.99 while the mouse is expected to be available some time this September 2015 and will have a recommended retail price of €44.99 also.

The devices will not be sold together, they will be sold independently of each other and to find out more you can visit the logitech website, www.logitech.com



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