By @SimonCocking interview with Alejandra de Gaustad.  Founder of Orocrypt Inc.

What is your background briefly? 

I have been an investment banker through most of my professional career. My boss at my first banking job was trained by Sigmund Warburg, so I can say I have been trained in the Warburg’s style of investment banking. About three years ago I begun thinking about digitising assets in the form of tokens. With a group of friends, we founded Orocrypt in March 2017, a company that digitises assets in the ethereum blockchain. These friends all have been successful at starting or running businesses and investments.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Absolutely.  My professional experience gives me a perspective that is different from many altcoins founders.  Additionally, I have many years of experience about analysing, implementing and running businesses. I think my experience gives me the advantage of properly evaluate opportunities in cryptoland that have financial applications in fiatland.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Working on the launching of Orocrypt’s first product: the gold-backed token. It represents ownership of 30 grams of fine gold.  As CEO, also on the general management of the company.  Of these, the integration of a management team comprising of a mix of young tech savvy with less young traditional financially experienced is top priority.

Why did you get involved with the Quasa ICO?

I was contacted by Viacheslav, the founder of Quasa, to be an adviser to his company. He has many years of hands-on logistic experience. That was a big factor. My criteria for accepting advisory offers is based on my evaluation of the project’s concept and the team’s experience and knowledge. By then I was aware that many industry giants in the logistics business were looking at blockchain applications as solutions and improvements to the status quo.  I realised that Quasa is uniquely well positioned to benefit from this opportunity.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea? 

In my view, logistics and the blockchain are perfect partners.  A marriage made in heaven. This view is shared by companies like UPS, Maersk, FedEx, Walmart and many others. Blockchain logistics has the potential to reduce costs, increase transparency, tracking, inventory management and many more benefits and improvements. Quasa is well positioned to service this market with one foot in fiatland, and the other in cryptoland.

Any specific examples? 

There are many.  To name a couple, we have seen an increase in food diseases where quickly identifying the source of the infection can save lives. Blockchain technology can deliver transparency to help promote food safety across the whole supply chain. Another example is reducing theft losses by recording the entire logistic process, making every intermediary accountable. The FBI estimates there is over $30 billion in cargo theft per year, which ends up being paid by the consumers.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

I have the view that those crypto businesses with applications in the fiatworld and with solid teams are more likely to be around in 2 years, than those who do not. Add the fact that the global logistic market is around 8 trillion US dollars, there is ample space for a well managed blockchain company like Quasa to participate and generate profits. We may be looking at the Uber or AirBnB of logistics here.  Another factor is timing.  Quasa will be one of the first businesses offering logistic blockchain applications.  This should result in Quasa getting clients that will be able to reduce operating costs, thus increasing the profitability of both.  A win-win situation.

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