LinkedIn is giving its app a massive redesign. The new upcoming app was shown off yesterday and it is centered around a feed of updates from your LinkedIn network. Its basically the same thing that you see on Facebook at the moment, only now it is on LinkedIn too.

The app will be available on iOS and Android in the upcoming weeks and is a significant shift from what the current app. There is a simplified design which divides into five main sections: Home, Me, Messages, My Network and Search. The home feed will surface news stories that are shared by people in your network as well as items that it think will be most relevant to you.

There is also a new messaging experience on the platform similar to the changes rolled out on the desktop for LinkedIn earlier in the year. Users will be able to exchange stickers and GIFs within the app. The Me tab will show data such as how many people are viewing your profile and how many connections are interacting with you.

There is also a new calendar feature. Users who opt in for the new calendar will be able to get predictive updates about their contacts ahead of meetings and events. The new, redesigned app takes its place in LinkedIn’s growing portfolio of apps which now also include Job Search, Pulse and Connected.

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