By @TheMarkDalton.

Any of us who use LinkedIn on a mobile device will know that the app looked a bit dated and was a bit of a mess to get around. This morning LinkedIn has launched a big update to their app for users worldwide which introduces a new design and puts messaging to the front. LinkedIn has made a bold statement in the update logs stating that “email is out , messaging is in.”

LinkedIn have been working on the app for at least six months and is now finally available on the App Store and Google Play. There are now five tabs on the screen in an attempt to de-clutter all of the app’s features into different sections and make it easier to both find what you are looking for and see the important things that are going on in your network.

There is also a new private messaging feature which resembles text messages (because we don’t have enough messenger platforms these days) and replaces the old messaging tool which felt more akin to email. Nearly every other social network already have some kind of private message tool so there is nothing really new here apart from LinkedIn arriving late to the party. However it is a welcome change none the less.

I reluctantly use LinkedIn for professional networking so I don’t open the app all that often. However the new app is a lot cleaner and a lot less clustered than before. As well as being easy on the eye you can also opt out of seeing certain types of content too. LinkedIn likes to use buzz words so the ‘Me’ tab is described as a “one stop ship for your professional brand” – which, in English, means you can edit your profile, see who has been looking at your profile ect.

LinkedIn is putting a lot of the emphasis on messaging, at a recent preview of the new app CEO Jeff Weiner said that:

“the inbox is out and messaging is in.”

That is all well and good, however LinkedIn is the last place I go when I want to message someone and that is not going to change because they have overhauled the design. LinkedIn is where you look up and connect with fellow professionals on a business level. Leave the messaging function to messengers.

As for the statement that “email is out,” last time I checked my email inbox it was far from ‘out’ and was hopping with new emails like is usually is.

If you are a regular LinkedIn user then the new app is certainly going to be an update that you appreciate and it will make the experience of using LinkedIn much easier than before. However, for me personally it is business as usual when it comes to LinkedIn. Nice to look at the update, not going to use the app unless I have outstanding notifications or messages.

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