CARAGON, a Limerick based data solutions provider are rolling out the Microsoft Azure Serverless Environment for their clients over the coming months.

CARAGON uses ‘best of breed’ technologies to deliver its data solutions. They started with Google Cloud, Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure, which enabled them to develop a SaaS platform (CARAGON FLEX) at zero infrastructure cost (for a limited time) that is scalable for multiple customers, industries and markets.

Commenting on the move, Garron Mosley, CARAGON CTO & Co-Founder said, “access to the major global cloud computing offerings (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS) allows small companies like us to move forward very quickly and ensure our customers always have access to the most efficient, accurate and time saving solutions within the data space”.

He added, a Microsoft Azure Serverless Environment is just another of those steps forward. For our customers it means is better performance on demand, shorter development cycles, better notification and no time consuming decisions around infrastructure. For us a company it means we can concentrate on what they are good at, delivering data solutions”.

CARAGON FLEX is a Data Management Platform which offers users one single secure environment to connect all data sources, build powerful applications, automate manual processes and measure it all with inbuilt dashboards & reports. For more information check out

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