A team of recent graduates and interns from Dell EMC Limerick saw off competition from across the world to win GameChangers, a global innovation challenge that empowers employees to present creative solutions to real business challenges.

GameChangers is an annual competition where local teams develop ideas in the hope of progressing to a regional and global level and the chosen finalists get the opportunity to present to executive leaders. This year, over 700 teams participated globally across 25 locations with the winning idea coming from a group of employees at the Dell EMC campus in Limerick.

The team in Limerick developed a simple solution using AI technology to reduce customer wait times by using machine learning to predict technical issues before they even emerge. This idea is game-changing in terms of how Dell EMC as a company can deliver for customers and improve problem-solving times for them. The competition is a central element of Dell EMC’s overall customer experience commitment is to consistently exceed customer and partner expectations as customers engage, enable, and evolve with them.

Every year Dell EMC recruits graduates and interns to work in their many locations across the globe, including their three sites in Limerick, Cork and Dublin. This solution, created by a team of those graduates and interns, is now being put into practice and is a real example of how nurturing and encouraging employees to embrace digital transformation can help improve efficiencies for Dell EMC as a company into the future.

In welcoming the announcement Denis Kelly, Vice-President, Global Support and Deployment and Limerick Site Leader, Dell EMC said: “As a company that is at the forefront of digital transformation, it’s fantastic that a team from Dell EMC in Limerick has won the global GameChangers competition. By harnessing the power of new technologies, they have developed an innovative solution that can really enhance the customer experience.

“Dell EMC is a global company, and this is a global competition so for a team in Limerick to be recognised for the superb work they’ve done is a great achievement. It speaks to the creativity and innovation that is being fostered amongst all our team members in Limerick and which is having a global impact.

“We always encourage our team members across the board to express any innovative ideas they may have but I hope today’s announcement will empower the team to new heights as they can see what happens when an idea becomes reality. Well done to the team involved, it’s a very proud moment for them and for Dell EMC in Limerick.”

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