Lexus has uploaded video footage of a real, working hoverboard that they have designed themselves, it looks incredible. Lets face it, if hoverboards were commercially available we would all love the opportunity to get our hands on one. 

In fact, the fascination around hoverboards and things that incorporate this kind of technology is so intense at the moment that a company calling themselves Huvr Tech went out and created a fake video and website to tickle peoples tastebuds. They enlisted a bunch of celebrities to take part in the video but later had to apologise when people found out it was all fake and got quite angry at them.

Note – The video and link below is for the fake hoverboard created by Huvr, it is not the Lexus hoverboard.

Well Lexus decided to go out and actually make it happen. This video is real, this is a real hoverboard and it was shot in a skate park near Barcelona. Skaters ride and perform stunts on it like a traditional skateboard however the difference is that this board never touches the ground.

It took Lexus more than a year to go from concept to product, not only did they have to design a hoverboard but they had to design and construct a hoverpark. The hoverpark spans around 200 meters and was constructed using permanent magnets. This allows the hoverboard to float over the surface, the smoke you see from the hoverboard is not just for awesome effect either.

The internal components over the board have to be cooled to -197C using liquid Nitrogen. The hoverboard was tested by pro skater Ross McGouran, check out the video Lexus made below.

Unfortunately, as things stand, this is all just great marketing by Lexus to get people talking and to generate excitement. There are no plans to make or sell this product commercially so this product will not be available to the public.

Unless someone decides to take on a project like this for commercial use, we will just have to make do with videos instead. Even if it was available to the public, it is pretty useless without magnets underneath the ground you are walking on.

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