Digital Youth Council members Harry McCann and Jack Cullen have devised and launched a new campaign to get at least one school in each of the 196 countries globally to integrate coding workshops into their curriculum. Their aim is to highlight the value of coding for all future generations and the necessity of embedding it into the education systems of countries around the world.

Beginning in Ireland, they are gathering pledges of support which will assist in the roll-out of this ambitious campaign. Those who code can pledge their time, others can pledge support through equipment, financing or by making key connections and introductions in countries worldwide. Spreading the message internationally and providing resource materials for teachers are the main aims of the campaign, which will compliment other coding initiatives such as Hour of Code and CoderDojo. McCann and Cullen are also using the diplomatic channels established through embassies to increase the reach of this campaign.

Oscar winning film producer Lord David Puttnam, Ireland’s National Digital Champion, is an early supporter, encouraging everyone to embrace 2016 as the Year of Code. Endorsing the value of the #LetsTeachCode campaign, Puttnam stresses the value of coding as a fundamental language that “will be part and parcel of all of your futures.”

To pledge support of any description and be kept abreast of the campaigns progress, visit or following them on twitter at @letsteachcode

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