CryptoProfile aim to provide many services in one place including trading in cryptocurrencies, and also learning about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). To help explain all about their own upcoming ICO they have launched a  new explainer video.

A picture can be worth a 1000 words, so it is always useful, strategic and helpful to be able to deliver your message concisely via a video format too. Also with Youtube being the second largest search engine in the world it makes sense to be findable on this platform too. Not everyone remembers, or realises this, but as so many people use Youtube now for a variety of problems to solve, it makes complete sense to have your story up there too.

Since being founded in October 2017 by Infochain Holdings Pte. Ltd., CryptoProfile has built up a large and growing community of over million cryptocurrency enthusiasts, including entrepreneurs, bloggers, investors and developers, who want to explain the value of these emerging technologies to a wider audience.

Cofounder Max Ng explains that as a “gatekeeper for the community, we are consistently looking for good projects to invest in, but we also see that there are a lot of problems in the crypto space too.”  Max recently visited South Korea to take part in the OKEX exchange event and was impressed and pleased with the positive and enthusiastic response to the CryptoProfile initiative and to meet many of their fans and supporters in person.

The ICO campaign, despite the tough bear market has had a positive response and Max is hopeful of reaching their hardcap as soon as possible. As he explained CryptoProfile offers a range of services for people and the businesses. The goal is to support as many ICOs as possible to get their message to the CryptoProfile community and beyond.” Now that Christmas has happened they are keen and positive about achieving their goals for January and beyond. Ng said “We are currently having a private sale for CryptoProfile and it will finish in end dec. Pre sale is 1/1/19 start and 1/2/19 ICO (initial community offering). You can read the White Paper here too.” Despite the bear market he takes a longer term view of the project and the crypto world in general “After being in the space for 6 years, I have seen many up and down trends. If an ICO project who knows what they are doing they will survive, those who don’t know will not get funding as investors are getting smarter. Next quarter, there will be STOs (not fully regulated but only changing the name) and SEC will be busy clamping down on these. We are hoping to see approval of ETF and may see some action in March 2019 (fingers crossed).”

To find out more have a look at the video, or visit the CryptoProfile website to see how you can become involved in the community, learn more about it, and also share your own ideas, insights and opinions too. Or, if you are launching an ICO talk to their experts as well.

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