In a totally new technical concept of “connect & learn”, the new technical partnership between AIAR and SID is doing the world a favor, while giving themselves a leverage to even faster development to global positive disruption.

Imagine every time you are waiting, transporting or are in places where you don’t have access to internet or where it is more expensive than usual. Or imagine that you are a person living in an area where your family cannot afford a connection. Internet has become such a crucial asset for the modern world, so such circumstances are rather stressful and, sometimes even affect survival.

By teaming up with the EdTech venture AIAR, SID is now not only making that “connecting” possible but is also giving a unique opportunity for making something good of these pockets of “connected” moments. The founder of SID, José Merino is excited with this cooperation.

  • “The unique technique of SID is conquering the world, but we are an enabler to do magical things with users´ time, and what can be more magical than actually upgrading users´ skills in a secure and even fun way – education is once and for all the platform for development of people as well as companies and societies”.


Together AIAR & SID will outsmart competition in places where people are waiting, “killing time”.

One such circumstance is when you are in transit and often do not have access to intrnet, and when you get it you want to be able to spend your time on something that is fun and useful. This fits extremely well into SID’s focus on integrating its core internet sharing technology initially in the Apps of taxi associations and later also in transportation networks such as trains, metro and airlines.

As for those places where you often have to “wait” such as in  coffee shop, SID comes in very handy to provide internet access as it already does with its cooperation with Dunkin´ Coffee.

Our favorite use case, close to our heart, spins around “doing good for society”. This is so true in  regions like Africa where people want access to a bank account and to the internet and education. We believe this is possible as a one stop shop in our JV, where our partner DopeCard provides a Debit Card for the unbanked, SID provides the improvement in shared internet access and AIAR provides the access to online certified educational degrees. This is currently under way in Ghana and expected to extend into West Africa on the back of DopeCard white label debit card deal with Ecobank.

In Africa & the Middle East particularly, the experience of refugee help throughout the middle eastern countries from AIAR’s founder, Rufus Lidman, will play a role in various applications for the 66 million people who are stuck in refugee camps around the world.


SID already has its world leading patent implemented in the App of Dunkin Coffee , a pilot version in a taxi association, and a nice flow of new ones waiting in the pipeline. AIAR has as it first application already launched the world’s largest app in its category, loved by hundreds of thousands in 165 countries, now developing the world’s first mobile learning using AI, blockchain and gamification to solve the global skilling crisis.

Recently, the two parties have signed an agreement for a totally unique cooperation where using common forces s center to the deal and wherever in the world you are, to be able to connect-and-learn in order to upgrade your skills – in a fun, secure, and efficient way.


AIAR EdTech is solving the global skilling crisis by developing the world’s first 360° mobile solution for AI-personalized learning, blockchain secured certification and gamification for true lifelong learning. For more information contact CEO, Rufus Lidman, [email protected]


SID Limited has a US patent grant for technology that allows Android mobile phones to share their internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data) with multiple nearby smartphones users. SID can build through the free app dynamic networks to bring free internet access to millions of users. For more information contact SID Chairman Jose Merino [email protected]

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