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In this episode:

David and Simon are joined by the FT Alphaville’s Kadhim Shubber, Fidor’s Sophie Guibaud and Pete Townsend of Norio Ventures to discuss the top news stories of the last week.

First up we discuss THAT Apple launch, how Apple’s P2P capabilities are a little underwhelming, how Venmo’s attempt to fight back against Apple Pay involves a very ugly debit card, and sticking with the theme we discuss Zelle’s P2P mobile payments app that recently launched and what it means when banks club together to innovate.

They also discuss whether fintech really is the fastest growing industry in the US, what it means for Jamie Dimon to slam bitcoin, is he just wrong or is it a distraction to cover up something else?

Finally, they take on Monzo letting their customers decide fees for using ATMs abroad, whether 30% of bank jobs will be gone in 5 years as the CEO of Pandit claimed, and ANZ’s restructuring to create 150 “startups”, it sounds like nonsense but are they the first traditional bank to really understand how to be agile?

Also on the show we have an exclusive interview with digital receipting startup Flux alongside Megan Cawood of Starling, all about their recent partnership and launch on Starling’s Marketplace.

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