With the deadline to register for one- and two-letter .ie domain names looming, the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) is calling on businesses and individuals to register their interest now ahead of the deadline at midnight on Tuesday, 22 March.

Once this deadline passes, one- and two-letter domains that have only been applied for by a single party will be registered immediately, while one- and two- letter domains with interest from multiple applicants will go to auction in the coming weeks.

This is the first time Irish businesses and individuals have been able to register one- and two-letter .ie domains. There has already been substantial interest from many leading Irish companies and international brands, as well as Irish individuals, to secure these unique, memorable domain names. However, a number are still available, including C.ie, BA.ie, MS.ie, HR.ie and GP.ie.

Political parties such as FG, FF and SF have also yet to register their interest in securing their relevant two-letter .ie domain name.

The existing registration requirements for all .ie domain registrations apply to one-and two-letter domains, meaning applicants must have a provable connection to Ireland and a legitimate claim to the domain name.

Commenting on the availability of one- and two-letter domains, David Curtin Chief Executive of IEDR, said:

“The availability of one- and two-letter .ie domains is another first for the Irish namespace and a great opportunity for large and small companies alike to grow their brand online in Ireland and internationally.

“The registration process does not discriminate between businesses of differing size and strength. The process is open to multinationals and SMEs alike, as well as individuals, who can demonstrate a legitimate claim to a particular domain name.

“Registering your interest and ultimately securing a memorable one- or two-letter domain most relevant to your business should be an essential part of any company’s online strategy. A .ie domain tells Irish customers that you are local and trustworthy and international customers that you are ‘identifiably Irish’.”

Further information is available at www.iedr.ie/2-letter-domains where interested parties will find an FAQ and information on how to apply.

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