Network and security manufacturer LANCOM Systems is expanding their product range with two new high-end VPN gateways. The integrated services gateways LANCOM ISG-4000 and LANCOM ISG-1000 provide the secure, scalable basis for medium-sized and large multi-service IP networks with maximum reliability.

These newly developed high-performance gateways use state-of-the-art encryption technologies and provide redundancy functions for the greatest possible resilience. They allow secure, economical integration of up to 1,000 remote sites, partner companies or mobile users into company networks via standard Internet connections and IPsec VPN. Upgrades are available, among others, for hotspot support, content filtering, and clustering.

Ex-factory, the ISG-1000 supports 100 VPN tunnels with the ISG-4000 supporting 200 VPN remotes. Optimal scalability is provided by additional options which support up to 200 (ISG-1000) or 1,000 VPN tunnels (ISG-4000). In larger installations, multiple VPN gateways are able to operate as a cluster. LANCOM customers have the alternative of operating the versatile LANCOM vRouter. This software router for operation in a virtualized, hypervisor-based environment (VMware ESXi, Microsoft HyperV) offers the same functionality as a hardware router, but with even more scalability.

Virtualization, security and availability for the most demanding environments
Both the ISG-1000 and the ISG-4000 have a built-in firewall with stateful inspection, intrusion prevention, and denial-of-service protection. The security suite is complemented by dynamic bandwidth management, comprehensive backup and high-availability capabilities, as well as VRRP (virtual router redundancy protocol) and load balancing of up to four WAN connections. Using LANCOM’s virtualization solution ARF (Advanced Routing and Forwarding), the ISG-4000 establishes 256 VLAN/IP contexts for an extremely versatile and highly efficient utilization of LAN-WAN connections. The smaller ISG-1000 model supports 128 ARF contexts.

The VPN operated by the gateways is based on the IPSec standard, the latest encryption technologies, and integrated hardware acceleration. Digital certificates ensure optimum security for connectivity with branches and home offices, and the overall package is guaranteed free of backdoors.

SD-WAN support
Like all current LANCOM devices, the new gateways operate either with the conventional management tools LANconfig and LANmonitor, or by integration into the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). The LMC is the first hyper-integrated management system that intelligently organizes, optimizes and controls the entire network architecture (LAN, WAN, WLAN) from the cloud using state-of-the-art software-defined technology. For example, in an SD-WAN the VPN tunnels between sites are installed automatically—including network virtualization across wide-area networks. The laborious manual configuration of individual tunnel endpoints is no longer necessary.

The integrated services gateways each provide four GE/SFP combo ports and one Gigabit Ethernet interface. The LANCOM ISG-4000 additionally features two 10-GE SFP+ ports. The distinctive luminous strip and LCD display provide at-a-glance information about the device status, even in complex racks.

The LANCOM ISG-4000 is available now at a price of EUR 4,999 excluding VAT. The LANCOM ISG-1000 is available for EUR 2,999 excluding VAT. They are successors to the successful central-site VPN gateways 9100+ and 7100+ VPN.

Detailed information about the new gateways and further technical data are available here:

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