What is your background?

I am the first blockchain generation and created a new business area in IBM and Microsoft. I developed the world’s first business development with e-commerce, IoT, Cloud, u-City, Pervasive, and Ubiquitous, and have incorporated and commercialized various ideas, technologies and business models. I’m expanding a community for the development of blockchain, and I’m delivering to blockchain training and developing the technology and use of blockchain through blockchain seminars. I founded a blockchain research institute, conducted survey for those who liked blockchain, and is developing blockchain technology that includes coins and tokens with the results. In particular, we advise investors that are interested in ICO and companies that want ICO to have good ICO.

One minute pitch for what you are doing now?

I was impressed by the fact that blockchain is a technology that will have an impact all over the world, such as when I first got Internet access. It is a growing interest in cryptocurrency around the world and interest in ICO is also growing. I am so high that I can make good decisions on good information on investors that want to invest in ICO (including reverse ICO) for companies that want to do ICO through my blockchain communities. It is also a country with a passion for new technologies and optimal conditions for blockchain test-bed. We are working on things that can contribute to the development of blockchain. We are sharing more blockchain and ICO information, developing and succeeding in investment.

Why do you think it’s such a powerful idea?

I am introducing good ICO using community and networking. In particular, many ICO information will help investors make good judgments and inform the community that ICO companies can lead to success. Recently I have been getting good ideas  from blockchain investors and ICO investors are increasing. In particular, Millennial Generation is absolutely interested in blockchain of generations. It is said that 42% of millennial households are familiar with cryptography, and 30% are investing in cryptocurrency more than government bonds or stocks. We continue to question the chain of chains needed for the Millennial generation, and I think that by using blockchain technology and ICO that reflect the feedback, we can make a better world by utilizing blockchain more in real life.

How can people know more about you and your work?

I am running a blockchain community, sharing and developing various blockchain information and technologies. I have 30,000 blockchain friends on Linkedin. Many people are strengthening the global blockchain community (Telegram / KakaoTalk / Discode / Slack / etc.) to find good ICOs, realize technology and provide investors more benefits. I am researching and introducing ICO to better work through community and meeting. I am investing in better ICO by sharing this variety of information and blockchain technology and trying to get better results from ICO.

Anything else?

Blockchain is definitely a good technology of the future. The current situation is transitional and I want to think about what kind of approach to go with the better direction, share information, investment and development. I think that ICO will provide a good environment for the development of blockchain. However, using ICO in a hasty manner can be like any other better technology that is currently forgotten. ICO and its team believe that it is necessary to lead the development of future technologies and investor’s satisfaction through good communication with each other. In order to do that, I think we should strive to train blockchain technicians, share information, and develop the industry. A good process of ICO companies and investors are expected to create a better blockchain world for industry and people, and that interest will grow even larger.

How can people contact you and know more about you?

Investors and ICO companies are making various requests about ICOs and are gathering ideas to provide better information through blockchain community. Blockchain is a global project, and I can contact and share it through my established blockchain community and lab. In addition, we are preparing an offline venue for blockchain digital marketing, ICO promotion and seminar. We are preparing and expanding a system that will provide information on many people through blockchain hub. I have been developing the Blockchains Lab to develop continuous Millennial’s surveys and their underlying blockchain technology and business, and to deliver direct ICO information to investors.

How can people contact you and know more about you?
Below are some links to connect with David Hwang:

David Hwang Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidhwang-128656131

David Hwang Twitter => https://twitter.com/david__hwang

Blockchains Community => http://blockchains.kr

Telegram => https://t.me/joinchat/Db0zrhIeaNPRtFa0INBJPA

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