Kinetic, the global leader in connecting with audiences on the move, has today announced a strategic partnership with ad2one to further integrate Out of Home (OOH) and mobile campaigns. This partnership will enable clients to tie-in a mobile display campaign using NEAR technology with an OOH campaign.

Coca-Cola was the first client to take advantage of the strategic partnership.  A main urban Out of Home campaign ran across transport, bus shelters, point-of-sale formats and digital OOH promoting a mini projector giveaway. All sites, as well as several young, urban hotspots were geo-fenced.  When the target audience entered within a certain radius of the OOH sites or hotspots, they were served a mobile display advert once in-app, extending the campaigns reach.

Speaking about the campaign, Aoife Nagle, Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola said: “OOH and mobile are natural partners, leveraging consumer engagement. Coca-Cola is delighted to work with Kinetic, Mediacom and ad2one to extend the reach of our mini projector campaign. By geo-fencing our Outdoor sites and audience hotspots, it allows us to further connect with our target audience and bring exciting content in a relevant manner.”

 Commenting on the partnership, Hugh Quigley, Sales Director at ad2one said: “ad2one is delighted to be working with Kinetic in aligning OOH & Mobile campaigns. Using the platform Near, the world’s largest location intelligence platform, enables us to leverage behavioural and app data with real time location data. Working with Kinetic & Near gives our clients a competitive edge by aligning their mobile and Out of Home campaigns, by using real time data to deliver highly targeted campaigns.”

Speaking about the partnership, Simon Durham, Kinetic CEO said: “As the global leader in activating audiences, aligning mobile and OOH is pertinent.  OOH is the prime, the awareness piece, the brand building.  A mobile element then complements OOH by bringing the conversation to ‘one to one’. By geo-fencing OOH assets, we can further increase reach and frequency and target specific audiences by demographics or location.

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