Kinesis Health Technologies, a Dublin-based health technology start-up and Solutions4Health, a UK-based and global provider of preventative health solutions, today announced a partnership to market new falls prevention services and technologies in the UK.
Solutions4Health will market Kinesis’ breakthrough technology Kinesis QTUG™, which has been shown to be much more accurate than traditional methods in assessing risk of falls in older adults.

Solutions4Health will provide falls prevention solutions and service implementation improvements, taking advantage of Kinesis QTUG™, and their own proven cutting edge and web-based management information systems, to facilitate large-scale adoption of the technology across the NHS.
Falls in older adults are a major problem across the UK, with one in three people over 65 (one in two people aged over 80) falling at least once a year. The number of over 65s in England alone is forecast to rise from 9 million to 11 million in 2021, while falls are estimated to cost the NHS more than £2.3 billion per year and take up four million bed days.

Falls are also the leading cause of serious accidental injury amongst people aged 65 and over. One of the most common are hip fractures, with 30% of sufferers dying within a year. Incidence rates in hospitals are even higher, and in long-term care settings approximately 30–50% of residents fall each year.
Kinesis Health Technologies was founded in 2013 by Seamus Small and Dr Barry Greene as a spin-out from University College Dublin (UCD) and is headquartered at NexusUCD, the University’s Industry Partnership Centre.

Seamus Small, CEO and co-founder of Kinesis Health Technologies said, “We are delighted to announce this partnership agreement to demonstrably improve Falls Prevention Services and drive adoption of our technology in the UK market. Solutions4Health run health innovation services for some 30 councils across the country and these strong relationships will expose us to the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health & Wellbeing Boards that are increasingly looking at preventive measures to improve quality of life and reduce financial costs.”

Kishore Sankla, CEO, Solutions4Health said, “The increasingly substantial cost of falls places a massive burden on the NHS and has an equally huge personal cost, plus there are also massive downstream effects in terms of carer time and absence from work. By partnering with Kinesis we will be able to provide real benefits and efficiencies for falls prevention – giving physical therapists and other clinicians a superior method of determining an individual’s potential for falling, and providing the necessary support and information in order to intervene and reduce that risk.”

Kinesis QTUG™, a Class I medical device, utilises body-worn sensors combined with signal processing and machine learning methods to provide a quantitative assessment of mobility and falls risk, plus statistical comparisons against population averages for age and gender. The technology has been scientifically validated through an extensive programme of top-tier internationally peer-reviewed research in falls prevention over the past eight years, based on over 1300 patient assessments.

Solutions4Health’s falls prevention and management information solutions provide organisations carrying out falls risk assessments with comprehensive online tools, enabling them to manage their services accurately and efficiently. As a leading service provider across the UK’s healthcare economy, Solutions4Health has many years of experience in the delivery of large scale health interventions and providing innovative technology and solutions for much improved outcomes and far lower costs.
Earlier this year Kinesis Health Technologies was selected to participate as an industry partner in a new NHS Innovation ‘Test Beds’ initiative to improve patient care in the UK.

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